HISE 1.5.0

  • Hi everybody,

    just wanted to let you know that I've bumped the version number to 1.5.0 and uploaded new builds. I thought the changes between the last version and this justified this huge bump ๐Ÿ™‚

    HISE is now using JUCE 5 which brings some neat new features like support for the latest Visual Studio 2017 version along with a few other things.

    Also from now on, I'll try to integrate HISE with a build server and automatically upload the binaries when I bump the version number. For this to work, I'll moved the hosting of the Installers to the GitHub release page.

  • What are the other advantages of JUCE 5 that are present in HISE?

  • Mostly stuff for iOS. Also there is a whole new DSP module in JUCE 5 which contains building blocks for more effects. However I don't use this yet because it requires people to use a modern compiler and I need to wait a bit until everyone migrated to VS2017 before doing this.

    Also this was required for getting VisualStudio 2017 to work which is important because new people can't download VS2015 anymore.

  • Also you must update your Windows SDK to 10.0.1699.
    seems i was in SDK 8 / VS2015.

    will try VS2017. Didn't have yet because of many troubles reported with VS2017 and last VST SDK (3.6.8 ?)

    still in VS2015/SDK 3.6.6

    for further new DSP modules i will update all ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Yeah the migration to Vs2017 is a bit annoying, you also have to deinstall IPP and reinstall the newest version in order to detect it automatically in VS2017 (and if youโ€˜re using VS extensions like Visual assist you need to buy a new license because the old version canโ€˜t run in VS2017.

    But still 100 times more fun than XCode ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Big win. Well done Christoph.

  • I was happy to read of the update, and I've successfully built HISE 1.5.0 on Fedora 23 (Linux). Alas, the tutorial example is giving me fits and I need some help/advice. In Tutorial 3 I'm bombing out after adding the given code to the onNoteOn callback, the compiler returns this error:
    Line 1, column 31: Call of getControllerNumber() outside of getController callback {U2NyaXB0IFByb2Nlc3Nvcnx8MzB8MXwzMQ==}

    Any suggestions ? I've been careful to follow every step but of course I may have missed something.

    Also, is this the right place to post build errors/problems ?



  • hey Dave,

    It seems that you put the code into the false callback. I ran into this issue too some time ago. There are two callbacks that have a quite similar name what can be mixed up quite easily. onController and onControl. While the OnController manages the CC inputs the onControl serves as the callback for the GUI-Widgets/Elements.

    And BTW: be a bit lenient with the tutorial in its current state. There have been many changes in HISE in the last months and not everything seems to be up to date.


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