Midi Player - Playlist

  • I'm tinkering with making a midi player that's controlled by a playlist. A user can browse thru their own midi files, add to a playlist, and then the player plays the sequence back.

    I have iterations that partially work, but I feel like I'm spinning my wheels a bit.

    What approach would you take to achieve this task? I need some inspiration.

  • @dustbro Hi...You mean that the user can use his own midi files?(That they are not embeded in the plugin?)...Lets say from another location where he can add or remove midi files?

    If it's the case one way to achieve this is to create an expansion(lets say you name it "UserMidi" or anything else and the user can add or remove files from the respected folder.(This folder will be in ...User Library/Application Support/Company Name/Plugin Name/Expansions/Expansion Name/MIDIFiles).

    Using a Viewport the user can see the midi files and load any of them in the midi player.
    Add a play/stop button to control playback and maybe a floating tile(midi overlay panel) for drag to DAW

    If the user adds or delete files from this folder the list will be updated on next load of the plugin.

    If this is what you are going for and i did not misunderstood i can make a small snippet for you.

  • I would rather keep a list to absolute paths as JSON file and populate a viewport with the items.

  • @Christoph-Hart This way seems to be better than mine...is it easy to have a small example as starting point so we can work it out?

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