Folded 2.0

  • this is a feature request for the editor.
    Which is getting better and better.

    To improve it a bit more the following idea.

    It would be nice if in addition to the existing code foldability a freely selectable one could be added.

    So you could start the first line with:

    //Start - whatever is written here.

    Here is the code and everything within this area can be folded.

    //End ----

    So everything between //Start - or //START and //End or //END is folded.

    Bildschirmfoto 2021-09-08 um 10.46.03.png

    This way you can group your lines better and more clearly.
    And you can determine yourself what is to be folded.
    I can then fold my own table of contents.

    Even lines that I don't need but take up a lot of space (variables, arrays) I can keep folded.

    //Start - All variables
    //Start - All FXPanels

    Bildschirmfoto 2021-09-08 um 10.45.45.png

    The saving of lines of code and the new clarity would be enormous.


    Maybe it is feasible when Christoph has gained a little distance from the editor programming horror. 🙂

  • That's actually a good idea. However I would reuse the bookmark feature for this.

    So if you write a comment like this

    //! My Bookmark

    You can navigate to it by clicking on the mousewheel, but this could also be used to generate a folding item.

  • @Christoph-Hart Yes, the advantage would be in the quick and clear grouping whose titles I can determine myself. Which, as I said, makes it possible to structure the many lines that cannot be folded at the moment, such as variables or arrays, neatly.

    I am very much looking forward to it

  • @MikeB you can also just use brackets, they allow fold ability:

    // Variables
    var y;
    var y;

  • @ustk
    This leads to a crash with me (Build 1.Sept.21) and forces me to correct the error with an external editor.

    laf.js (3): const var declaration must be on global level {SW50ZXJmYWNlfGxhZi5qc3wyNnwzfDEx}

  • @MikeB Oh I see! I haven't really tried with declarations… only here and there in the code. this is kind of changing the scope, so not a good solution…

  • @MikeB Aha, well spotted!

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