Standalone sampler

  • little question probably impossible. I am about to finalize a sample-based instrument for a client, I made him take the juce and apple license for the moment and upon its release, the hise license. until then everything is good. I intend to provide him with the vst within a few weeks. but, in order to keep "control" and not get ripped off, I will remain the designer of the vst and its maintenance. however is it possible to make the sampler stand-alone? that he can create his own soundbanks? basically a non-hise application that allows the customer to create his sample maps and transform them into hxi and hr1? I hadn't thought of that before.

  • @yall nope.

  • They can just use HISE to build the soundbanks - it's not much different than mapping samples in KONTAKT.

    Also they don't need a JUCE license before the release - it's exactly like the HISE license.

  • @Christoph-Hart I advised him to license the perpetual juce that is why he took it before. you will soon be contacted.

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