more?'s how to make a VU meter!! add ratio to limiter or...

  • i have an infinite amount of questions and everyday i work from when i wake till when i sleep trying to figure out things....there is alot of holes in documentation as people know. i know you can call upon the outputMeter on its own now i figured that out. but it wasnt not responding to audio output it was just there. it was not linked to a getvalue. which leads me to another question where is the getvalue for the actual audio output. i saw gainfordecibels in the api but have no idea how to implement...i simply want to use a custom 128 frame filmstrip within my gui for the output and possibly other data like say gain reduction from the limiter...which leads me to my next question hahah

    can you add ratio to the limiter module somehow. or how can i add an actual compressor, if the limiter simply had ratio that would be enough for me

  • You can get the output of any sound generator (or effect) with the API call Synth.getCurrentLevel() so you can build the peak meter yourself using your filmstrips. I'll try to come up with an example soon, but currently I don't have much time.

  • RE compressor, I might have found something that I could try to embed into HISE:

    Seems like well written code, but I don't know how it sounds yet...

  • yeah if you could put some example code for the output meter using a vu meter filmstrip that would be great ive been pulling out my hair the last two days trying to get it to work lol. as far as the compressor i wish i knew the exact coding process to birng dsp code into hise there are tons of great things at