Engine.getPlayHead() Examples?

  • Hey folks
    Hope all are doing well

    I Just searched the forum, But there is not Much information About how to use
    Engine.getPlayHead() In A Script.

    I'm trying to add this to A Plugin To Stop Some of the modules, once DAW Stopped.

    Any help is much appreciated

  • Okey i Found this

    @dustbro said in The things we all want to see in HISE 3.0:

    @d-healey said in The things we all want to see in HISE 3.0:

    I'd also like to be able to get some feedback from the DAW about start/stop transport state.

    You can do this right now if you don't want to wait for v3.0.
    in HISE source code hi_core/MainController.cpp, un-comment the features you need.

    void MainController::storePlayheadIntoDynamicObject(AudioPlayHead::CurrentPositionInfo &/*newPosition*/)
    	//static const Identifier bpmId("bpm");
    	//static const Identifier timeSigNumerator("timeSigNumerator");
    	//static const Identifier timeSigDenominator("timeSigDenominator");
    	//static const Identifier timeInSamples("timeInSamples");
    	//static const Identifier timeInSeconds("timeInSeconds");
    	//static const Identifier editOriginTime("editOriginTime");
    	//static const Identifier ppqPosition("ppqPosition");
    	//static const Identifier ppqPositionOfLastBarStart("ppqPositionOfLastBarStart");
    	//static const Identifier frameRate("frameRate");
    	//static const Identifier isPlaying("isPlaying");
    	//static const Identifier isRecording("isRecording");
    	//static const Identifier ppqLoopStart("ppqLoopStart");
    	//static const Identifier ppqLoopEnd("ppqLoopEnd");
    	//static const Identifier isLooping("isLooping");
    	//ScopedLock sl(getLock());
    	//hostInfo->setProperty(bpmId, newPosition.bpm);
    	//hostInfo->setProperty(timeSigNumerator, newPosition.timeSigNumerator);
    	//hostInfo->setProperty(timeSigDenominator, newPosition.timeSigDenominator);
    	//hostInfo->setProperty(timeInSamples, newPosition.timeInSamples);
    	//hostInfo->setProperty(timeInSeconds, newPosition.timeInSeconds);
    	//hostInfo->setProperty(editOriginTime, newPosition.editOriginTime);
    	//hostInfo->setProperty(ppqPosition, newPosition.ppqPosition);
    	//hostInfo->setProperty(ppqPositionOfLastBarStart, newPosition.ppqPositionOfLastBarStart);
    	//hostInfo->setProperty(frameRate, newPosition.frameRate);
    	//hostInfo->setProperty(isPlaying, newPosition.isPlaying);
    	//hostInfo->setProperty(isRecording, newPosition.isRecording);
    	//hostInfo->setProperty(ppqLoopStart, newPosition.ppqLoopStart);
    	//hostInfo->setProperty(ppqLoopEnd, newPosition.ppqLoopEnd);
    	//hostInfo->setProperty(isLooping, newPosition.isLooping);

    These extend the Playhed functionality. For instance:


    So I need to comment out Some of the lines in Source code to Make this Working Right?

    Can someone Help with The lines that I Need to Make the plugin Look At The Playing Transport Of Host, and And once It Stopped What I Could I Supposed to Use?

    Thank You

  • Okay I'm Uncommented These Lines:

    //static const Identifier isPlaying("isPlaying");
    //ScopedLock sl(getLock());
    //hostInfo->setProperty(isPlaying, newPosition.isPlaying);

    Compiled Succefully.

    Is This the Way I Can Recall The Playhead?

    if(Engine.getPlayHead().isPlaying )
    // Some Codes Here  	 


  • Okey, I Connected The Play Head to A Simple Gain Module To Check If It Works Correctly:

    But Not Sure No Idea if This is Correct Or Not:

        if(Engine.getPlayHead().isPlaying )

    Any Help Is such Appreciated

  • Use the TransportHandler I've added a few hours ago.


  • @Christoph-Hart Thank you Christoph 🙂 God bless you man
    Recompiling Now 🙂

  • @Christoph-Hart said in Engine.getPlayHead() Examples?:

    e the TransportHandler I've added a few hours ago

    Christoph, Do you have a minimal Example Of How to Enable/Disable A Module Based on DAW TransportHandler?
    Thank in advance

  • @Christoph-Hart
    Excellent job 🙂 I Found how 🙂

    alt text

  • @Christoph-Hart Can we now use the gain modulator without latency or mess problem? to create a sidechain effect for example?

  • @Natan Can we use this to get LFOs in sync with FX Plugins?

  • @DanH I Used this for My Graphic Ideas
    Not Sure if this can help to sync The LFO Latency 😕

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