Connecting FilterDisplay To Scriptnode >>> To show on GUI?

  • @Natan nope, not yet at least…

  • @Natan Can you use a dummy?

  • @DanH The Scriptnode That I'm Working On Has A Compressor That Connected To A Filter Eq
    ( Frequency )
    And Shows The Compressions Reduction.
    So Not A Good idea To Use Dummy Visualization Here 😞

    @Christoph-Hart Christoph Do You Have Any Idea On This?
    I Really Need This At my Project 😩

  • Yes itβ€˜s a valid request although itβ€˜s super difficult to implement it, but maybe I can reuse the system that allows you to connect tables and slider packs to nodes somehow.

  • @Christoph-Hart wow Thank you ChristophπŸ‘
    I Really Need The Filter Display On My GUI

  • Actually it was rather straight forward:

    I still need to write a wrapper on the scripted interface side, but that's the smallest problem.

    This concept will also work with ring buffers (the display of the core.peak and analyse nodes), so it's actually pretty nice to have...

  • @Christoph-Hart Yessss Yessss πŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜…

    Thank You ChristophπŸ‘ You're A Legend 😍

  • @Christoph-Hart
    One Last Questions, How it suppose to show Up In GUI?
    Any Example Snippet😍

    Edit: With The new Commit My Project Crashes, And won't Open πŸ˜•

  • Yeah, I wouldn't try to load any old project with the codegen-rewrite branch at the moment.

    At this point you cannot connect it to the interface yet, but it will be as easy as using the FilterGraph floating tile at the end...

  • @Christoph-Hart Thank You, Man πŸ™‚ You're A Legend

  • @Christoph-Hart Christoph, Hi
    I Made a connection To File_player With This Method On Sciptnode Version:

    global irSLot = Engine.createAndRegisterAudioFile(0);
    const var dsp = Engine.createDspNetwork("dsp");

    But It Won't Work With The Latest Develop Code_gen Version?
    Is This Not Pushed to The New Rewritten Version?

  • Have you assigned the external slot to the file player?


  • @Christoph-Hart Awesome πŸ™‚
    Thank You Christoph

  • @Christoph-Hart

    Why This Not Working Anymore?With The Current Develop Version?

    const var Dsp = Engine.createDspNetwork("Dsp");
    const var gain = Dsp.get("gain");
    const var DummyButton = Content.addButton("DummyButton", 0, 0);
    inline function onDummyButtonControl(component, value)
    	if (value)
    HiseSnippet 1145.3ocwWssaaTDFdVmrsX23Jp.tekuxQJXYCgCRHTb8gfrfDrhCQvUsSlch8HO6Lqlc1lXpxy.W263Qfa4t9NvKBuAv++dH65XqPhkZYSj1c9m+Ce+GmwiMZFOJRaHNUOcQHm3ri6jEJ6r9ynBEYz.hyScOhFY4FuTR8VDRih39DGms9NjfS0sIIO+8A8nRphwKHQHmoEL9OHBD1Bpi698Bo7PpO+TQPIt2u6HlV0WK0w.d1xsMIjxlSmxOlhrUwk37ng9Bq1LwRs7HfmdZ+ESlouTkx+YhHw4RNtnCYBnnTxj9yDR+w49ZDg3r83BOeqTO+icOR3KtgdQD3CS1vqPhxw.mJKCosWBRcJCo1kfzgZoOp.jkUgGoD51NEc.Hz9wRpcYjgofrMD5kyNiTVtJRXWTNE8+Jbel6XgkMa83sxZvKjndWi2rjec2gWbAmYK.61tG9yaZltyZgxZKDcVM1UycByHBsf8Qf35NHJbIjjtMoxKq3VuV5ePiSj06UTiGvr225MTMUn3sXFN.Vfzwb6kZy7lMfuar62TuF7tUD2dn1bI032WqrFsL5T8XpA51f98nlWPkQbj2aahoPLBrAphobayF35F4LVBIwAAK5EasZjazDbksE02OkFfkBFZrmWa3+bkHTR.9dWDqXXchmVUh2Lv1joCB0JPm6AlSFy2sdsWWuVUwEdMyW6AOHM7MhRzkyijMsl3D2C275zWbvi+Oj5lnRlX0qccBny8OHhzOGXK6h6h5IC78oR44vzslqyyPseiqGZ3gTCGxLR5hlQzfPI+DHotm24RMa9Dwux2s1qqUs1007JITRQUOjilrYTkB7rUYqHVphCNmaxCj4Ltx.2Ge+p40pQJg8GC4YrsjOjSFFuWBkETuATEjVSK7I5XqPM8Hp0HtBZRNNNXBbtAi2OyaAZNUHnnIqaiqwIJS3J+jE+C7jsYGbsS1lcx2jjkRwtzLHAvwlzi9zrdzz7FQ3iiPJkIIIAxxSdIYsfXSekruA0Uzg+boTeIV5HxFNBc5IzFqkKBmoUBV5Xni09flcOjxfLyhwT6LbzJz2YgZUtoE6lYXoJFBM2NnfpH+f1zvBX3.zWSNlcKHTGxMVAOeDEtBFLWA05NtihNC2kQkjyR8SPqnNSXOCeHqOxE6eHKA0m.P0vakrwCGZUJCMRwzJBh57UfgORnNa4Tvu71inWcKZPF2xCwdnLZ+9adyedvj47KSgbF02N8O9jto9SxcdVQKj61zDxJlt6u08dY5W9QC9qCPS+D2IAZscFTzea6ueWx6dWeG2S3v7qTsbGA.LszSqmGPSp0I2tT2+ATp67PJ08euWpurS+SiFPsz7gEfAJoYGmA7WA2DN8.9ptC3Qys5vDdyNq.N9+dNZ4pbGYQ9GuWlFFPYF8KXY2T.7yOHgBDBUI2OuJ7CEf0dcxm8451tUaR.b24WvX3Ep9T3xXqWlOaCj4y2.Y1eCj4K1.Y9xMPluZCj4quSYve1xyis5fzlLfv3gI0nNNCUT3b6jaSR9WDIAEKL

    Update: This Fixed Now With The Latest Develop Commit πŸ‘ Thank You Legend ( Ν‘Β° ΝœΚ– Ν‘Β°)

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