Is anyone making a significant portion of their income doing HISE dev?

  • I've recently started playing around with HISE and I am pretty amazed at what it can do. I think I'm going to start developing a commercial plugin with it. The HISE community seems like it is growing and I know there are already some commercial plugins built with HISE. I wonder how many people have been able to turn their passion for HISE dev into something that significantly contributes to their income?

    On a somewhat related note, does @Christoph-Hart develop HISE in addition to working a full time job? If so, that is unbelievably impressive! In any case, thank you @Christoph-Hart for building this. I think it opens up some very interesting possibilities.

  • @barnull

    My main income source is from selling sample libraries (some developed with HISE, others in Kontakt). I also do some consulting work for other HISE developers.

  • The secret is in marketing my friend.
    If you can successfully promote your product it will get sales, no matter how advanced or
    simple it is.

  • @barnull - Like David I make a living selling my HISE (And Kontakt) instruments as well as doing development work in HISE for other people.

  • Just launched my first suite of HISE stuff today 🙂 I'll let you know if it does well 😂

  • Thank you all for your replies. This is very encouraging to hear. I hope to join your ranks someday!

  • I'm not earning anything since my plugins aren't yet released. I'm waiting for major improvements in Hise since they rely on scriptnode/DSP. I plan to make plugin development my main source of income.

  • Like other friends, my main income is plugin selling too.

    Before Hise, I was using Kontakt and Flowstone. I can definately say that, Hise worths every minute you spend on it, it has flexibility, highly compatibility with all major platforms / DAWs (including iOS), because of that Hise has BIG BALLS when it is compared to other alternatives 🙂 You can do ton's of things with Hise and I think this is one of the best & easiest audio plugin development tools in the market. With forthcoming SNEX engine it will be amazing 🙂

    Hise made Examples

    All of the fx plugins (except Dark Wolf) in this website, including this one:

    And lots of that I haven't mentioned here 🙂

  • @orange @Lindon Your plugins are very interesting. I just built HISE from source for the first time yesterday. Although @d-healey's realistic sample-based instruments are very cool and I may try my hand at such an instrument someday, I think I'd like to start with something more "electronic" for EDM, Rap, etc. I was thinking maybe an 808/sub instrument that is a very pared-down version of Output's Substance, FAW's SubLab or Initial Audio's 808 Studio.

    @orange So you did the Palmary Collection with HISE? Rule Tec, Palmary and Hexeract all seem like pure DSP i.e. no sampling? I didn't know you could create non-sampled instruments and effects with HISE. Did you have to drop into C++ at all and create your own DSP modules?

    Are Auddict and Noiseash your own labels or were you hired by them? Did you do the scripting, graphic design and sound design yourself or did you contract out any of those tasks?

    Forgive me for all the questions haha. Thanks in advance for any pointers you can provide! P.S. I'm a Software/Data Engineer by trade. I work mainly in Python nowadays but I'm familiar with a bunch of langs. Let me know if I can ever help with anything.

  • @orange So you did the Palmary Collection with HISE? Rule Tec, Palmary and Hexeract all seem like pure DSP i.e. no sampling?

    Since Noiseash is my brand, I can only talk about that. Yes you can make not only samplers & synths; but also fx plugins and even iOS applications too with Hise. VST/AU/AAX for Windows / macOS / Linux. For fx plugins you can make ton's of effects with Hise coding.

    Did you do the scripting, graphic design and sound design yourself or did you contract out any of those tasks?

    I prefer to make graphic design, coding, sound engineering...etc all of it. But it depends on you.

    Search this forum, you can find so much things in here. Also @d-healey have awesome handy Hise tutorial videos in his YouTube channel and advanced ones in his patreon.

    Hise documentation:

  • By the way, @d-healey I've just seen that you've changed your YouTube channel and facebook group name to "Hise Sauce".... Nice name 🙂

  • @orange Yess!! Hause Sauce Is a fantastic name ahaha.

  • @iamlamprey I just downloaded a demo of your Saturation plugin. Those were made in HISE, right? Unfortunately it only runs on Windows, is that correct? Looks really nice your stuff! How did you make the fx-plugins in terms of analog modelling?

  • @vewilya Yep made in HISE and yep only for windows at the moment.

    I posted a brief rundown of a basic approach to getting "the analog sound" in HISE.

    This is known as the black box approach, I'm not actually modelling or emulating circuitry, just winging it with EQ/Compression/Saturation/Phase etc.

  • @iamlamprey Awesome. I'll check it out! Thx, u

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