Dead end (Hise 1.5)

  • I'm facing a huge issue. I need to add a Custom Settings panel to an old 1.5 Hise project. After doing so, it always shows the "Audio Driver could not be opened" dialog on Standalone compiled. Every single time I open it.

    On the other hand, if I port project to Hise 2.0 the "Audio Driver could not be opened" looks fixed, but I loose one of the main components of the sound generation for this project, the "Stereo" Harmonic Filter, which has been ported to mono on 2.X versions I guess.

    Any clue @Christoph-Hart ?

    Screen Shot 2021-02-09 at 10.37.03 AM.png

    ## System specification
    Device: **MacBookPro15,4**  
    User name: **Filo**  
    CPU vendor: **GenuineIntel**  
    CPU cores: **8**  
    CPU speed: **1400**  
    Memory size: **8192**  
    Page size: **4096**  
    OS: **Mac OSX 10.15.7 64bit**  
    Host: **Standalone**  
    Process bit architecture: **64 bit**  
    Sandboxed: ** No**  
    Audio Driver Default Initialisation(CI: `0`)  
    ... audio driver successfully initialised with default settings(CI: `0`)  
    ### SampleRateChange
    - Time: **0.00**   / CallbackIndex: **1**  
    - Old: **-1**  
    - New: **44100**  
    ### BufferSizeChange
    - Time: **0.00**   / CallbackIndex: **1**  
    - Old: **-1**  
    - New: **512**  

  • I think it might be due to your audio setting. Make sure you've got the correct audio interface selected in the preferences.

  • @tomekslesicki tried that. But no luck

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