Tune/Pan/Volume/Filter on a per-note basis

  • How much of the above is possible to do on a per-note basis, i.e. say you set an LFO with a random shape wave to modulate the pan position... each time you play a note, that particular note grabs the position that the pan pot is at that point, and plays the note there... and stays there... next note has a different pan value etc...

    Even more interesting, can this be achieved with filter cutoff or resonance?

  • Well Voice Start Modulators are doing exactly this and you can hook up one of those on every modulation target you suggest. You can also write script processors that work as voice start modulator in case you want to customize this even further.

  • @Christoph-Hart: I´m trying to pan each voice depending on the note number, but in the »script voice start modulator« I could only find access to gain- and pitch-value:

    function onVoiceStart(voiceIndex)
    	Synth.setVoiceGainValue(int voiceIndex, float gainValue);
    	Synth.setVoicePitchValue(int voiceIndex, double pitchValue);

    Do you have an example how I can change panning?

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