Note panning

  • Hello,
    would you know if this is possible or push me to the right direction: Is it possible to change pan of currently played note?

    I am thinking of randomized pan for each played note. It should also work with same sample stretched across multiple notes.

  • Hi Aries,

    this can be achieved by using the StereoFX effect with a random modulator in its modulation chain - you have to turn the Pan knob to the right to map the modulation from 0...1 over the complete stereo image.

    Unfortunately, I forgot to add a simple line in the StereoFX code (I didn't use it for a long time) so it crashes the current 1.0 version. I've just commited a fix in GitHub so if you know how to compile HISE yourself, you can use this - otherwise you'll have to wait until 1.0.1, which is due in the next days.

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