Presets made in AU version of plugin not showing up in HISE

  • Hi guys,

    Just found a weird problem...

    A friend of mine has made me an extra folder for the preset library for one of my plugins. He used the AU version of the plugin when making his presets but the file format seems to be different.

    They are now .aupreset XML Property List files instead of just the usual .preset Document files. They don't show up in the preset browser list inside HISE like normal.

    is there any way to convert them so they will work at all?

    I'll add a screenshot so you can see what I mean...

    Screen Shot 2020-11-10 at 15.50.08.png

  • It looks like he made presets for whatever host he used which has nothing to do with HISE presets...

  • @Christoph-Hart

    It's definitely a weird one. I'll have to ask him how he saved them and see if he can re make them.

    I have 5 other people also making folders at the moment but they didn't send theirs yet so I wanted to check first so every body didn't do the same thing.

    I'll report back when I find out whats happened...

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