Website is a mess

  • No of the links work, just go to the very start of the documentation, try to go to the git or the compilers, you aren't going to get many people on board with broken links everywhere, I know it is more important to work on HISE itself, but honestly, basic stuff like that needs to be right.

  • @Win-Conway

    OK I went to the site and clicked on Documentation and got this:


    clicked thru to the git documentaiton and got this:


    Whats not working for you?

  • Works for me also, on Win10 using Chrome.

  • I do think there's a lot to be cleaned up, especially in terms of all the different git branches and various API links. I often encounter broken links on the site and documentation, so I understand what you're getting at it. With some digging everything is there and mostly everything works, but I agree there's a lot of organizing to be done.


    There you go, as i said, try the links, that is the links in the documentation installation page to the GIT, to the compilers, to Steinbergs website, to intels website.

    Pretty much the first thing that any new user is going to try and do, install.

  • @Win-Conway I see now, never really clicked on any of that before because I had found the information within the forum here.

  • Ah ok it seems as if the doc generator breaks links that are in a table. Shouldn‘t be hard to fix...

  • @Christoph-Hart What's happened to Dominik?

  • @Christoph-Hart said in Website is a mess:

    Ah ok it seems as if the doc generator breaks links that are in a table. Shouldn‘t be hard to fix...

    Thanks for getting on this. It was difficult for me getting into hise just a week or two ago. That was due to the complexity of the whole thing mostly though and the amount of reading required for this kind of software dev, I am previously only into php/js and KSP, not desktop stuff. But that´s what the Tutorial pages are for. To cover all the things that are going to be complex and make it simple. All tutorial pages have broken links from the front page

    Screen Shot 2020-08-23 at 15.36.59.png
    Screen Shot 2020-08-23 at 15.37.13.png

    Additionally, the requirements for the platforms are not update in a while:

    Screen Shot 2020-08-23 at 15.39.20.png

    The minimum requirement for building HISE should be over macOS 10.10, I think. It´s not possible to install IPP on macs that have macOS prior to 10.13, because Intel keeps removing their IPP support for anything past 2 years back. The IPP version that can be accessed today is minimum 2018-2, which has a minimum requirement of macOS 10.13. I tried to install on Yosemite and had to give up. (note: macOS can still export something for 10.7, so the end result is not the issue, that can also be more clear, it was not to me in the beginning)

    Also, Xcode is a chapter of it´s own, which of course is the biggest issue on mac. Xcode 8.x seems to be most liked here. That requires macOS 10.11, El Capitan, at v8.0. The latest release 8.3.3 requires macOS 10.12 Sierra or later. And so on.

    Other questionmarks

    CPUs and instruction sets

    What cpu instruction set? That´s available in some parts of the docs, but not here, where is required to be. Like the fact that some scripts, like IPP, require the SSE 4.1 instruction set (starting at a intel Penryn architecture, so Core 2 Duo). So a pretty old one, but still newer than I would have anticipated. It´s 45nm, so older 65nm Xeons will not run this at all, meaning a Mac Pro v1.1-2.1 will not run HISE or any plugins made with the IPP tech.

    Luckily we got a "legacy cpu" support now. But I wouldn´t know any of that from the requirements or installation section. Let´s add that.

    (first Penryn mac pro is Mac Pro v3.1, so a minimum requirement for IPP for both all platforms using intel afaik)

    I just learned about branches, yes you heard it. Haha. I do not use Git from before and only really used releases from projects on github. So for me the legacy cpu support was not included, I seem to remember. Just switched to the scriptnode branch a day after learning about branches. Lot´s of praise to all who helped me get there. That page could be "000 prerequisites of using and making software with hise".

    As a beginner I read "grab the latest stable release and get on board" (from 2000+ changes ago). I now know that would be very problematic (mostly when asking on the forums) as most people seem to use another branch with other features.

    Linux info is also missing from the requirements.

    This is a complex project for one such as I, who came from less complex development environment. For me, I think the 5% extra documentation "on point" stuff would have made my entry smoother. But its also a continuous time that takes as the branches grow and change. I get that.

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