Anyone done in impulse from a speaker or cabinet?

  • I am wondering how that is done , have not found clear info on this .
    So say you want to impulse a cab/speaker.

    You would have delay from the original sweep due to the distance to the mic as well as some latency.
    Then , if you dont compensate for that you would have predelay and phasing when deconvolving.
    So how does one compensate for this delay ? What am I missing here.

    I could use something like smaart to measure the delay but would that would not be sample accurate.

    Thoughts ?

  • You could try to align the recorded sweep to the source audio with Sound Radix Auto Align.

  • This is from Vexengo's website:

    "Later, after performing the deconvolution, you may need to edit the resulting impulses to fit your needs. For example, you may need to cut the leading and/or trailing silence. Also, you may need to add fade-ins and/or fade-outs. Voxengo Deconvolver does not require the recording to be "in sync" with the test tone - you may add as much pre- and post-silence as you need."

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