AAX innosetup working example

  • Hey guys! As my AAX quest continues, I realized there's a problem with the .aaxplugin folder copying in innosetup - it seems to break things in ProTools. Manually moving the file (without the installer) works fine.

    I currently have:

    Source: "{#AppName} x64.aaxplugin\*.*"; DestDir: "{cf}\Avid\Audio\Plug-Ins\{#AppName} x64.aaxplugin"; Attribs: readonly; Flags: ignoreversion createallsubdirs recursesubdirs; Components: aax

    Maybe some flags are missing?

    Could you please share an example of your innosetup project that works with AAX? Thanks!

  • Here's what my script looks like. It doesn't copy the AAX icon, so the plugin looks like a normal folder, but it works just fine.

    Name: "vst3_64"; Description: "64-bit VST3 Plugin (.vst3)"; Types: full custom; 
    Name: "aax_64"; Description: "64-bit AAX Plugin (.aaxplugin)"; Types: full custom; 
    Source: "C:\Company\Plugin.vst3"; DestDir: "{commoncf64}\VST3\Company"; Components: vst3_64; Flags: ignoreversion
    Source: "C:\Company\Plugin.aaxplugin\*"; DestDir: "{commoncf64}\Avid\Audio\Plug-Ins\Company\Plugin.aaxplugin\"; Components: aax_64; Flags: ignoreversion recursesubdirs createallsubdirs

  • Are you using the HISE command line tool to create the Innosetup installer file? I never had trouble with AAX not being signed and I use this in the build chain for PercX.

  • Thank you, I'll test this further!

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