Routing matrix question

  • Why cant I route the sends from 1-2 to 5-6 in the matrix without disconnecting 3-4
    , seems like I can either have 1-2 to 3-4 or 5-6 ?
    What am I missing here?

    Its the same at the end of the chain ? Must be doing something wrong.
    Matrix 2.gif

  • Hold down Shift when clicking in order to change the send connection (the blue one).

  • @Christoph-Hart
    You say "change" can I only route to either the 3-4 or the 5-6?
    I tried shift but it will not let me route to both 3-4 and 5-6.

    I ended up just adding another routing matrix to send from 1-2 to 5-6 but I would assume I could do it in one matrix ?

  • Not 100% sure what you want to achieve. 1/2 to 3/4 and 5/6? Use the "normal" connection for 3/4 and the send one for 5/6:

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    You have one send connection per routing matrix. If you want more, add another one.

  • @Christoph-Hart said in Routing matrix question:

    You have one send connection per routing matrix. If you want more, add another one.

    Ok, I assumed I had more then one send connection.
    The routing matrix connecting and unconnecting is a bit unintuitive.

  • How can I create more output channels ?

    multi out 1.jpg

    Like this.
    multi out 2.jpg

  • In standalone I think the number of outputs are limited by your soundcard. Use the plugin version to access more outputs.

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