Is this possible (audio loop player)

  • I was looking at a way to create a area for future users to be able to add their own
    audio files via the audio looper (that's the easy part) and possibly create their own expansions... I know 1 person could do it on their computer and save via preset browser and it's saved...

    But once you export that preset and add it to another compiled vst the preset wont load up the sample... I tried adding the file via the audio files folder but didnt work.

    Does that make since, ANY ONE COULD HELP ME?

  • Well, yeah because you can't expect to load audio files from anywhere and then load it on another system.

    However if you put the files you load into the AudioFiles subdirectory of your app data directory (= not the project folder since that will not exist on an end user's system), the user preset will use the wildcard {AUDIO_FILES} and resolve that correctly on each system.

  • @Christoph-Hart makes since. I will give it try right now. Thank you

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