JUCE Licence Question

  • Hi all,

    I'm just going through the steps to start packaging plugins ready for release but I'm unsure how the JUCE licence works.

    Is there anything I need to implement into the HISE projects code or source code for JUCE stuff before I make my final builds?

    I have a personal JUCE licence temporarily which I will upgrade to Indie as soon as I find out how it works before releasing anything so that I don't have a splash screen.

    Is the splash screen already in the code somehow from when I built HISE using the projucer and you have to upgrade to get rid of it? ... or do they ask you to add one manually if you are only on a personal or education licence?

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  • @SteveRiggs I could be wrong on this but since no one else has answered..

    I believe JUCE adds a splash screen by default, but Christoph has removed it for HISE (and for anything made by HISE), as well as making some other backend changes that require at least the Indie license for JUCE

    if you re-add the splash screen and undo all the other backend things (if that's even possible, i'd have no idea) then you could theoretically just pay Christoph for the closed source HISE license and use the free JUCE one (up to 50k revenue)

    If you get the JUCE and HISE licenses, then I don't believe you have to do anything as the splash screen is already off by default.

    Again, if anyone notices something wrong here please tell me, I don't want to spread misinformation

  • Yes, that's basically right. But be aware that there is not only the splash screen but also a rather annoying data-collection mechanism that sends data from the end user to ROLI, which is why I deactivated it in the first place. AFAIK they removed the data collection in the most recent JUCE version, however since HISE is still running on JUCE 5.4.1, so the home-calling will take place.

    Also you don't need a license from JUCE for the pre-release phase - even if you send it out to beta-testers it's still covered by the GPL3 license (same with HISE), so your intermediate hustle to get JUCE personal working with HISE is actually not necessary 🙂

    Just write me a PM or email then I'll send you the link to the HISE licensing info.

  • @Christoph-Hart @iamlamprey

    Thanks fellas. I wanted to check before I made even more un necessary work for myself 🤣

    I'll drop you a PM during the week then Christoph and we'll get the ball rolling. Thanks again!

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