Charity tier/Freeware/Proprietary plugins

  • I don't generally post questions but once seeing the post from @Lindon .... and @d-healey reply about charity, I thought it was time to bring this up.

    Charity is an amazing sales pitch. I only ever bought Soundtoys plugins when they were charity based and the same with Spitfire and their old labs' libraries.

    Always wanted to do the same thing for my free plugins so would be cool if Christoph ever wanted to make a tier to accommodate. I heard somewhere he is a hard man to negotiate. Maybe this would make things easier and a great direction for the Hise project. Maybe charity donation could be another licence to accompany the GPL and slowly squash the proprietary freeware/Kontakt instruments we all love to hate. Or hate to love.

    There are many including me that wish to share our achievements/software in the hope to grow reputation/sales but not sell our souls/code in the process.

  • Whats wrong with offering the source code under the GPL and selling precompiled binaries for charity?

  • Yes it's a big grey area when you want to keep your hard work but want to show off a little. Strange how GPL doesn't cover it. Harder I think about it the more it

  • @danial said in Charity tier/Freeware/Proprietary plugins:

    when you want to keep your hard work

    But why do you think GPL doesn't let you keep your hard work? GPL isn't Public Domain.

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