Capturing, techniques.

  • Must collect them all!

  • So am capturing the EMT 244 today . it does have quite a bit of low end hums and noise , any thoughts on how to deal with that kind of thing , as it is the noise would be added to the impulse.

  • @lalalandsynth That's a super-nice studio! Regarding the noise from the EMT - you might want to capture a bit of that after the sweep and noise reduce the impulse in RX.

    And when it comes to mics, this might be of interest to you: 🙂

  • Looks like i am getting some aliasing ?
    I should have tested a longer impulse to see if there was less aliasing , just to be sure , dont know if that would change anything ? Having said that , if aliasing is part of the sound then so be it 🙂

    This impulse is from the EMT 246 which really only goes to 12k (probably contributes to how nice it sounds) and the "aliasing" is pretty clear.

    Also wondering if I should normalize impulses before deconvolving or if I should normalize the resulting impulse , guess I need to do some tests.

  • Couple of questions .

    1. What is the max length of an impulse in the convolution Reberb ?

    2. I know "UseBackgroundThread if true , then the convolution will be executed on a background thread." but what does that mean in practice ?

    3. is it possible somehow to set the gain pre impulse ? Pre-preset .
      So not on the convolution reverb gui but maybe via some sort of scripting ?

    4. When using a Tick/sample to make an impulse of a static setting , after deconvolving it just sounds like a phase mess when mixed with the dry signal, what are the techniques to get this right ...I guess I would need to measure the recording latency ?

    Suggestion , it would be nice to have a setting that could offset the start of the impulse. to remove predelay if needed , rather then having to edit the predelay out of the impulse.

  • Ok, after editing impulses all day I am having thoughts about levels and normalizing.

    After looking at impulses from waves IR-1 for example , they are all normalized and quite a few of them clip when set to 100% wet.

    I also noticed then when my sweep file is peaking at -3 dB and then I deconvolve , the resulting impulse is at -29db.
    I am assuming this is normal after deconvolving but it means I definitely need to normalize.
    Using the impulse untouched in an impulse reverb and it way too low.

    I guess normalize and then set all impulses to -3 to -6 ?

  • Does anyone have experience of taking "static" impulses , like speakers , eq's etc ?

    I did try a couple of those but had massive phase issues when blending with dry signal.
    What procedure should one use to capture the impulse and maintain phase coherence ?

  • this is what I'm using, if it helps.

    Screen Shot 2020-06-26 at 14.40.20.png Screen Shot 2020-06-26 at 14.41.02.png

  • Are you using this for a static impulse, rather then reverb and such ?

  • @lalalandsynth I just opened and last thing I did remains there. It's a reverb impulse if remember correctly (a test in my room)

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