SFZ import issues - again....

  • Yes yes I know sfz is not a loved format round here... but i have a set of nki's where I need to get the sample data(and its loop information) into HISE -- so I'm using Translator to go nki -> sfz, and then importing sfz into HISE - if anyone knows a better approach to get this stuff in please let me know, anyway...

    So Translator gives me this sort of data for each wav file:

    <region> sample=CT Ee_01.WAV lokey=53 hikey=53 lokey=53 hikey=53 lovel=6 hivel=10 delay=0 
    offset=0 end=197894 loop_mode=loop_continuous loop_start=128473 loop_end=178711 tune=0 
    pitch_keycenter=53 bend_up=1200 bend_down=-1200 volume=-6 pan=0 amp_veltrack=13.385826 
    ampeg_delay=0 ampeg_start=0 ampeg_attack=0 ampeg_hold=0 ampeg_decay=0.75 
    ampeg_release=0 lfo06_wave=0 lfo06_freq=5.038391 lfo06_delay=0 lfo06_fade=0 

    so this all looks right to me - the loop data is in there...

    • I put this sfz file and all the wav files in the Samples folder in my project
    • I drag the sfz into HISE.
    • I get a set of mapped zones - all good so far, except the loop data is all wrong -its looping but its using loops start = sample start and loop end = sample end (not whats required)
    • So I highlight all the zones and context menu Tools>Automap using Metadata

    Sadly this makes no difference - so the HISE sample map looks like this:

    <sample ID="1" LoVel="6" HiVel="10" FileName="G:\Audio\ChannelRobot\HISE_Projects\RealitoneBlue\Samples\Vowels 01 Samples/CT Ee_01.WAV"
              LoKey="53" HiKey="53" SampleStart="0" SampleEnd="197894" LoopEnabled="1"

    So two observations:

    FileName= .... bad bad bad, this wont build reliable ch1 files, all these files are in the Samples folder so it should read:

    FileName="{PROJECT_FOLDER}CT Ee_01.WAV"

    Second -- no loop start or loop end it is however saying


    which would explain why HISE thinks this loops and why its using start and end sample as defaults...

    OK so anyone know a better way than this? If not I will go write us all a python script to read the sfz and update the sample map....

  • It looks like HISE ignores the loop points in the SFZ so that would need to be implemented, as will the correct filename handling.

    Filename is easy to workaround in a text editor, I don't see a quick fix for the loop points though.

  • @d-healey yeah python and the xml parser here I come...

  • Can you send me the SFZ in question?

    BTW, I've heard that Chicken Translator has added an actual HISE converter last year, so maybe that's better - however I doubt it will work 🙂

  • @Christoph-Hart OK emailed you -- checking CS Translator now _ I have the latest version...

  • @Lindon nope - HISE not supported..

  • @Christoph-Hart _ I sent them a support email...

    Meanwhile - I cant get HISE to go past 10 Round Robin Groups --- please tell me this isnt a limitation...

  • Not sure if it's a SFZ limitation, but I've never tested it with this much RRs, so maybe something along the way is messing up. That SFZ importer code is old and sloppy (I think it's one of the first things I've implemented and never changed it), so I wouldn't be too surprised 🙂

    Send the big one over and I'll take a look...

  • @Christoph-Hart OK will do - Im not using the sfz importer as it kills round robins anyway... I will send you the sample map

  • OK quick update for those who care...

    I edited the sfz_importer files as per Christophs git hub changes -- and it all works fine - sfz's now come on board with their loop points intact.

    Meanwhile in my conversations with Chicken Systems support apparently there is a HISE export option:

    "in the Master Translation Dialog under Software Samplers - Minor."

    So its there is you need it - but I haven't tried it 'cause, well, I find Translator a royal pain to use so any solution that avoids it works for me..ymmv

  • @Lindon said in SFZ import issues - again....:

    Software Samplers - Minor







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