Has no-one noticed the terrible sound of the compressor?

  • i have been trying for months to figure out why the compressor in the dynamics module sounds like digital clipping with anything beyond 1.2:1 ratio. im not sure if anyone else has good monitoring but i just wish there was a different dynamics dsp in hise. is there an alternative way i can script a compressor in hise? im really looking for FET 76 type style. the current dsp is so distorted and unpleasant with short attack and release values which is key to this style. even beyond that i have been testing for a long time and the only time it doesnt induce this digital clipping type disotrtion style of compression is with extremely slow atk and rel times and low ratios. again this doesnt help things. any ideas or solutions from anyone?

  • @mwplugs Do you have auto makeup turned on? I found that the output is way too hot, so I updated the math in another thread.
    Also, when the attack and release values are set too low, the signal will have terrible artifacts. I wouldn't use anything lower than .1ms there