• I remember seeing something about an mda effect wrapper in the API classes some time ago.
    @Christoph-Hart Is that still a thing or did you discard it?

  • ah, maybe it's there because of the fact that the degrade effect is wrapped from mda. How high is the chance to see the sub synth from mda wrapped by HISE anytime soon?

  • Rather low, the two mda effects that I have embedded into HISE so far (the limiter and the degrader) are rather disappointing and I don't think there's anything in the sub synth module that can't be done with "native" HISE generators.

  • I didn't really like the degrade effect either.

    With the native HISE modules in scriptnode I only managed to achieve an octave up effect by processing the signal with math.square.

    As I understand, full rectifying a sine should basically result in a subharmonic.
    I'm aware that in the digital world we have to count the zero crossings, not sure how to proceed in scriptnode though..

    so I couldn't achieve the result of subharmonics in scriptnode.

  • @Christoph-Hart

    I just gave the subharmonic synth a second thought since you mentioned that it's possible to create it with the native HISE generators. Is there a way to count the zero crossings of an incoming signal, lets say it's an isolated sine wave and apply the values to a pitch modulator of a sine generator?

    Am I on the wrong path here?

    If I'm doing it without the Hise generators, I need to halve the frequency somehow.
    In Reaktor there is the Frequency Divider Module, is there anything like that in HISE?

  • @Christoph-Hart said in MdaEffectWrapper:

    I don't think there's anything in the sub synth module that can't be done with "native" HISE generators.

    Just wanted to push this, what exactly did you mean? Wasn’t able to get it to work with native Hise modules and generators.

  • @clumsybear Sorry I don't really understand, what are you trying to achieve?

  • @ustk hehe, yeah sorry this turned into a personal mind mapping thread about how to create a subharmonic synthesizer for real-time audio 🙂

    So the simplest way to create subharmonics one or two octaves below the fundamental would be to halve the frequency of the fundamental, that’s what I’m struggling with in scriptnode

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