Documentation on Macros anywhere?

  • Is there any documentation or videos on how to use the macros and how to assign things to them etc? I can't find anything anywhere or work it out 😓

  • @SteveRiggs If I'm not mistaken they are a deprecated feature and there are better ways to control things now.

  • @d-healey I've not really looked at them until now. Could'nt get them working so I tried another way around.

    I've tried having 2 sliders assigned to 2 different controls and then linking both of those to a 3rd slider. All of the sliders move together when the 3rd one is moved now, but the original 2 that were assigned before dont change the controls anymore and the right hand side properties interface changes so you cant change them back. Confusing.

  • @SteveRiggs What are you trying to do?

  • @d-healey I'm just going through my list of things to learn in a blank playground project...

    Just a simple macro control really. Assiging 2 or more paramaters to 1 slider and working out if the min and max amounts of each one can be set differently for them.

    For example, maybe having a delay amount that goes from 0 to 100%, and a high pass filter that only goes from 20hz to 4000hz both assigned to one slider.

    I use Ableton a lot so I thought the macro route would be the way to go as in there you can add as many controls as you want to 1 macro and set the min and max amount for each. I'll put a screenshot below what I mean...

    Screen Shot 2019-09-08 at 00.27.09.png

  • @SteveRiggs 2 parameters on 1 slider = scripting

  • @d-healey Thought so. My strong point as always haha! I'll try and work it out.

    It's a shame you can't just do it with the macros. It's not a high priority thing on the list anyway. I'll come back to it. I've already managed to work out 9 other things from my list already this evening so I'm happy with my progress. I'm sure I'll sleep easier tonight... after another couple of hours in HISE, of course 😂

  • It is deprecated in the way that there are better ways to control multiple sliders, but it still works and I don't intend to remove them.

    The procedure is like this:

    1. Link multiple controls to a macro control
    2. Connect a slider on your script to a macro control using the macroControl property
    3. Set the range to 0 - 127 (this is the macro range which will correlate to MIDI CC ranges

    Here's a sine wave generator that changes two random parameters using the first macro control:

    HiseSnippet 1138.3oc4WssaaaCFlJ1LqNYKXsHXXWpK1Eo.sE1sIcaXWDmC1AFsIwHJsa2EvHQaSDJRMJpj5Vr61yydEVdD1qvdC5av1OojsXVTc8b2AfMek+Ow+O9ejpuRFRSSkJjWiSGmPQdeLNXrPOZuQDl.0aej2Z3CIoZpxOm0tiSHoozHjmWsCLL7ZTGY+81s2kvIhPZIKD5kRVH84rXltja+1Oiw4cIQzSYwNZuY6dgRwdRtLCvSMbSTBI7BxP5QDiZKgQdK2Ihokp.MQSSQd02UFMNXj7JQt9ujkxNmSMDsPAvAkytqjGYPr4+n8Fw3Q8mbuSQHOb+xnPs7nv53CYQro7KiFepUfeoEtwCuklE7ZsfvyyAd0yg2cwAgJVhtThAaqh6IfD0.BjBbgUttHuqw6IAED5GEStf1UADSMXim1r4C72pYy6+MCxDgZlT3KEGI0ziEab+UdyJMV4GVw+OJZvfJkYbiRx4TUkhMYc0rLbCQV74T0C7ujvynSUDt92L9t57EeCyu0NJJE8DL8wIzB5xLfQV9sdhzlnoWVWVk2QWt1qVEpUx51IXTQVwjpKTGTUaSzqUjnC3rHpBw.L9Q3mIjm2BYiMtsZnWzaehlL4XfSD7RBUoYlXk29zKgVw75mF38ooWnkIVciSjBi+8V685zWU5PV6wtDo5wlH+xVEQwrnHNsuLkYxrNyH9YXTRR.60Vj+l0+oC90W+iaG6NFAghIkt45yZmlMX.6U19+ALdbpFvVuXXr.x6d3WjR8inCHYbse5Ev4vYhKnQmJs5eEKROxEkwjPkbZPtALZCn8aAyjtUOFzoKix3D8Ma+My7JDXtYt8YllIAbiG6NS7OwLglUNSnUUkLyIbuKtOSGNpZ7tTE3EJd96FuESX+DbmACng5RvVG286VzwoKFTVKGJqhCXBpcsmEHelk1+aIWR8OfJnJSPs0L178Ky6luj4dy2wgZv8mpHhzDYp6Aec.MlcJzwl55MnOnqh98mXxxt72SRTUJ5sa2EtjUZS.QmorkK6DKyD5aTNWagVwcytFG8qXeW8+EVG+Weq2G9jhZyGbeOuXnwDLFvhS3zNhKobXqfEi2CVCXGcNg6MKxOTJjIijBVna0wITX.7vgTkK1q7BsiVCueqjy5sOgxoD2p4un8ygpPhBhSzELVzZ9iEyJe843b35a5L8+uwD9Z++bB+IxLMSL7PBTnBua.eTVb.LXMjBHQHnbvQXukLCGyoaZnsC9nhHKwuA+JD1xP6UHr0Dg+i3C6iUNKL+0JlZ46X4.2ag8ChJe9RwaAw3lOpo4sWryBCMg6GBG1RgSdoZzYIDEXo116ZdV26XSmiZ0vecI4Y49E9DwoaHP12tU3Xy61v3Vve4xql72Qrgix0XSDClynzS9VGEkDIE7wEIxOPbt4sv4cv4aQyw3x3GtUIH2ZBHA1OdJJABCjmILqNG73YkCdG17jEvlMW.a1ZAr4oKfMe4BXyWMSaLK22ISKiyq0.F86X+FGOuNBBLYvNEA86.F0naD.

  • @Christoph-Hart Thanks Christoph. Exactly what I was after. Much appreciated mate.

  • BTW, I just wrote the docs for the macro system - I'll be pushing it later this evening so it will appear on the doc website shortly.

  • @Christoph-Hart Excellent! Thanks 🙂

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