Documentation on Macros anywhere?

  • Is there any documentation or videos on how to use the macros and how to assign things to them etc? I can't find anything anywhere or work it out 😓

  • @SteveRiggs If I'm not mistaken they are a deprecated feature and there are better ways to control things now.

  • @d-healey I've not really looked at them until now. Could'nt get them working so I tried another way around.

    I've tried having 2 sliders assigned to 2 different controls and then linking both of those to a 3rd slider. All of the sliders move together when the 3rd one is moved now, but the original 2 that were assigned before dont change the controls anymore and the right hand side properties interface changes so you cant change them back. Confusing.

  • @SteveRiggs What are you trying to do?

  • @d-healey I'm just going through my list of things to learn in a blank playground project...

    Just a simple macro control really. Assiging 2 or more paramaters to 1 slider and working out if the min and max amounts of each one can be set differently for them.

    For example, maybe having a delay amount that goes from 0 to 100%, and a high pass filter that only goes from 20hz to 4000hz both assigned to one slider.

    I use Ableton a lot so I thought the macro route would be the way to go as in there you can add as many controls as you want to 1 macro and set the min and max amount for each. I'll put a screenshot below what I mean...

    Screen Shot 2019-09-08 at 00.27.09.png

  • @SteveRiggs 2 parameters on 1 slider = scripting

  • @d-healey Thought so. My strong point as always haha! I'll try and work it out.

    It's a shame you can't just do it with the macros. It's not a high priority thing on the list anyway. I'll come back to it. I've already managed to work out 9 other things from my list already this evening so I'm happy with my progress. I'm sure I'll sleep easier tonight... after another couple of hours in HISE, of course 😂

  • It is deprecated in the way that there are better ways to control multiple sliders, but it still works and I don't intend to remove them.

    The procedure is like this:

    1. Link multiple controls to a macro control
    2. Connect a slider on your script to a macro control using the macroControl property
    3. Set the range to 0 - 127 (this is the macro range which will correlate to MIDI CC ranges

    Here's a sine wave generator that changes two random parameters using the first macro control:

    HiseSnippet 1138.3oc4WssaaaCFlJ1LqNYKXsHXXWpK1Eo.sE1sIcaXWDmC1AFsIwHJsa2EvHQaSDJRMJpj5Vr61yydEVdD1qvdC5av1OojsXVTc8b2AfMek+Ow+O9ejpuRFRSSkJjWiSGmPQdeLNXrPOZuQDl.0aej2Z3CIoZpxOm0tiSHoozHjmWsCLL7ZTGY+81s2kvIhPZIKD5kRVH84rXltja+1Oiw4cIQzSYwNZuY6dgRwdRtLCvSMbSTBI7BxP5QDiZKgQdK2Ihokp.MQSSQd02UFMNXj7JQt9ujkxNmSMDsPAvAkytqjGYPr4+n8Fw3Q8mbuSQHOb+xnPs7nv53CYQro7KiFepUfeoEtwCuklE7ZsfvyyAd0yg2cwAgJVhtThAaqh6IfD0.BjBbgUttHuqw6IAED5GEStf1UADSMXim1r4C72pYy6+MCxDgZlT3KEGI0ziEab+UdyJMV4GVw+OJZvfJkYbiRx4TUkhMYc0rLbCQV74T0C7ujvynSUDt92L9t57EeCyu0NJJE8DL8wIzB5xLfQV9sdhzlnoWVWVk2QWt1qVEpUx51IXTQVwjpKTGTUaSzqUjnC3rHpBw.L9Q3mIjm2BYiMtsZnWzaehlL4XfSD7RBUoYlXk29zKgVw75mF38ooWnkIVciSjBi+8V685zWU5PV6wtDo5wlH+xVEQwrnHNsuLkYxrNyH9YXTRR.60Vj+l0+oC90W+iaG6NFAghIkt45yZmlMX.6U19+ALdbpFvVuXXr.x6d3WjR8inCHYbse5Ev4vYhKnQmJs5eEKROxEkwjPkbZPtALZCn8aAyjtUOFzoKix3D8Ma+My7JDXtYt8YllIAbiG6NS7OwLglUNSnUUkLyIbuKtOSGNpZ7tTE3EJd96FuESX+DbmACng5RvVG286VzwoKFTVKGJqhCXBpcsmEHelk1+aIWR8OfJnJSPs0L178Ky6luj4dy2wgZv8mpHhzDYp6Aec.MlcJzwl55MnOnqh98mXxxt72SRTUJ5sa2EtjUZS.QmorkK6DKyD5aTNWagVwcytFG8qXeW8+EVG+Weq2G9jhZyGbeOuXnwDLFvhS3zNhKobXqfEi2CVCXGcNg6MKxOTJjIijBVna0wITX.7vgTkK1q7BsiVCueqjy5sOgxoD2p4un8ygpPhBhSzELVzZ9iEyJe843b35a5L8+uwD9Z++bB+IxLMSL7PBTnBua.eTVb.LXMjBHQHnbvQXukLCGyoaZnsC9nhHKwuA+JD1xP6UHr0Dg+i3C6iUNKL+0JlZ46X4.2ag8ChJe9RwaAw3lOpo4sWryBCMg6GBG1RgSdoZzYIDEXo116ZdV26XSmiZ0vecI4Y49E9DwoaHP12tU3Xy61v3Vve4xql72Qrgix0XSDClynzS9VGEkDIE7wEIxOPbt4sv4cv4aQyw3x3GtUIH2ZBHA1OdJJABCjmILqNG73YkCdG17jEvlMW.a1ZAr4oKfMe4BXyWMSaLK22ISKiyq0.F86X+FGOuNBBLYvNEA86.F0naD.

  • @Christoph-Hart Thanks Christoph. Exactly what I was after. Much appreciated mate.

  • BTW, I just wrote the docs for the macro system - I'll be pushing it later this evening so it will appear on the doc website shortly.

  • @Christoph-Hart Excellent! Thanks 🙂

  • @Christoph-Hart I just made a macro control that is linked to both the left and right delay knobs...

    As the range has to be 127, if the mode is set to 'tempo sync' in properties so it outputs the values correctly in the showValuePopup window, the delay times don't match up or cycle through the same in the back end modules that they are showing on the interface in the showValuePopup. They only go up to the 3rd setting out of the 18 in the back end when the interface's knob is on 100%.

    Is there any way to get around this so that I can still have the tempo sync values on the popups read out?

    Screen Shot 2019-09-24 at 21.19.18.png

    Screen Shot 2019-09-24 at 21.19.41.png

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