scriptnode - transient designer

  • I'm having trouble understanding the transient designer controls in the scriptnode environment. what exactly do the controls do?

    there is an attack control, which seems to do what it should do, although it is very subtle. the release control seems to work like the sustain, I suppose. what exactly does the transient control do? It looks like its a gain control.

    Also, what does analysis gain stand for? is it a threshold?

  • also, how can I implement the envelope follower into the signal flow?
    I'm trying to use it as a carrier, but I can't figure out how to get it to work as a modulator instead of a waveshaper.

  • Put a peak module after the envelope follower (also you might want to split the signal before)

    If you select the transient shaper and press U it „unfreezes“ the node and shows its internals (this works for all „meta nodes“ which were built in scriptnode.

  • Thanks @Christoph-Hart that's what I was looking for 🙂

  • Hey guys,

    Has anybody got any snippet examples making use of the Transient Designer in scriptnode at all?

    Just been playing about with it and sonically it doesn't appear to chaning the audio.
    I've revived this old thread....

    But I can't find any other discussions on the topic.


  • Ok, so in case anybody else ends up down this road, I found that chaining Transient Designer nodes together is the way forward to achieve greater impact.
    Might not be the intendend use but a work around for now at least ☺

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