How to read Debuglog

  • In my project I have serious problems with using LFOModulator inside a GlobalModulatorContainer, when I, later in the chain try to connect a GlobalTimevariantModulator to the LFOMod inside the ModulatorContainer Hise crash.
    I am able to add all modules but as soon as I connect them Hise dies.... 😞

    So I'm trying to Debug the project and in the Debuglog I found 13 errors, they look like this:

    ### PriorityInversion
    - Time: **24.23**   / CallbackIndex: **2087**  
    - Location: `MainRenderCallback`  

    So now I wonder how to read them, the

    CallbackIndex: **2087**  

    where does it point to, it's not the line number cause I don't have so many lines in the InitCallback?

  • The callback index is just a counter that shows how many times the render callback has been executed since application launch (it might help to connect certain message that appear within the same index).

    PriorityInversion is not a critical error, it basically just means that the audio render thread was stalled by the message thread at some point. Usually that happens during preset loading (if they appear during normal operation it would be an issue though, but nothing that should cause a crash).

    Now to your original problem: are you using the latest HISE version? I remember fixing some crashes with the Global Modulator system a few weeks back - it was rather you or @ustk that asked for it, I always mix up your names, lol.

  • @Christoph-Hart Haha..yeah I can understand that 🙂
    I built Hise from the scriptnode code yesterday, so I guess it's the latest if you haven't changed anything the latest 24 hours?

  • @Christoph-Hart Oh, I see you have made some changes an hour ago 🙂
    Should I try building Hise with the latest code, would it change anything?

  • @Christoph-Hart If I disable the GlobalTimevariantModulator and then connect to the LFOMod in GlobalTimevariantContainer it's ok, but when I enable it Hise crash..

  • @Christoph-Hart @ulrik I can confirm that. I am not sure, Christoph, your fix actually solved the issue at that time, but sorry, I switched the project I'm working on so I forgot about it...
    I just reopened it, if I switch ON/OFF a global LFO that is already connected to a target, Hise crashes instantly.

    Here's the thread:

  • @ustk @Christoph-Hart I managed to fix the issue in my project.
    I had a function that, if a certain key was not pressed, the LFOMod in GlobalTimevariantContainer was set to


    So if I removed the


    and only kept


    it stopped crashing, hurray!! 🙂

    Is the setBypassed() function making a lot of noise in the code you think?
    Should I avoid it?

  • @ulrik But this doesn't mean the issue is fixed, Hise stops crashing because you just don't call setBypassed() anymore.
    The issue's back if you just enable/disable the modulator manually. It isn't specific to your code or the fact that you call the function by script.

  • @ustk Yeah, you're right

  • Seems like a halfassed fix back then. I'll add it on the list of things to do before V3...

  • @Christoph-Hart Thank you! 🙂

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