component list gone?

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  • Just curious... how do you get things back to normal?
    The project I've been working on for months is all gone (component list)

    Luckily I had another instance of HISE open with the project, but In can't close it because everything will be gone.


  • @BWSounds : it's saying
    ! Component with name wasn't found.

  • @BWSounds Have you been saving your projects as an XML?

  • Yes I have a file I saved yesterday, I copied the script to that and added the samplers and it puller right up, just have to place all the slides, panels, buttons..etc back in the right position.

    I Still dont know what caused the issue though 🤷♂

  • @BWSounds I actually just recorded a video about this. It's not up yet though.

    Open the UIData xml file for your project in a text editor.

    Copy everything and paste it into an XML validator. Click validate, and hopefully it will tell you there is a problem in the XML file and which line it is on.

  • @d-healey that worked, I had 3 errors... took me a minute to find out exactly how to fix the issues, but I got it figured out. Thank you!

  • @BWSounds @d-healey Now the interesting point is where do these errors come from so it does not happen again 🤔

  • @ustk It seems to be caused when components that are inside panels are added/deleted or moved around, but it doesn't always happen so it's hard to create a repeatable example.

  • @d-healey @ustk yep I had a panel and deleted the custom browser components but not the panel... once I realized I still had the panel I deleted it and seems to solve the problem.

  • Hi,
    Every time I rebuild my interface in the interface designer, I get an error notice in my console that "Component with name _____ wasn't found" for every UI component. However, the interface does rebuild and display and function correctly. So I'm not entirely worried, but should I be?

    Also, I followed the advice here and did an XML backup and went to the validator. Everything was valid, so I'm even less concerned, but wondering what what's going on.

    Also, I was definitely moving things around in panels, so I imagine that is the cause.

  • @musictranscriber Well, I'm in the same situation for a long time. My project became very big in terms of interface and scripting.
    Often when recompiling I got errors like this but everything is correct.
    Sometimes (1 every 2-3 times) I also get some execution time-out warning after init. But everything works as expected.

    More recently, Hise crashes when recompiling with the interface designer opened, so each time I have to close it, recompile, and reopen the interface designer. Two days ago, I reinstalled a dual monitor setup so the interface is now displayed in an additional floating window.
    Since then I can recompile with no crash (because I keep the original interface designer closed).

    My guess is that Hise could have some instability issues when the project becomes big. (It already happened to me with an old project so it's not specific to this one). It would be good to know if some more people have had the same issue (everything's good then Hise becoming less and less stable when the project grows).

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