Alternative compiling / export method that doesn’t involve the use of XCPRETTY? (SOLVED)

  • First and foremost, I’d like to give a huge shout out to the HISE Developers and forum members. This is a great platform for audio developers and I look forward to future code updates.

    Back to the topic at hand, XCPRETTY gem has proven to be problematic for many users. The primary issue for many has involved root permissions during install. I realize that this is not an XCPRETTY forum but after days of frustration, hours spend scouring various developer forums and multiple output errors, I am hoping that there is an alternative series of scripts and code that can be used for AU and standalone output of HISE projects?

    Comments and suggestions are greatly appreciated.

  • @SonoLuminus so its not XCPRETTY itself thats your problem, its setting permissions for export/compiling, so if you think about it then you are probably going to have this sort of problem when (having built both HISE and your product inside HISE) you come to export/compile your finished product - AU/VST/Standalone.

    Basically building HISE (with all the compiler set up complexity) uses exactly the same tool sets and permissions as building your finished product - if you cant get over the first step - then theres probably a limited chance you will be able to build anything out of HISE...

  • Lindon is right, I am pretty sure that somewhere along the path of building a final product, admin permissions are needed anyway (my guess is codesigning).

    For a temporary solution, just remove the pipe through xcpretty in the automated build script and run it manually in the terminal.

  • @Lindon @Christoph-Hart

    Thank you both for your replies. As luck would have it, I was able to rectify my permissions issue late last night, and able to export my first AU and Standalone test instrument this morning.

    There was some additional comments in your replies that have also helped me better understand the overall process and I am greatly appreciative.

    Thanks again!

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