Scriptnode buttons not responding to scripts?

  • I feel like i going crazy over here. I can't get buttons to respond to any scripts using the latest ScriptNode.
    In this video, I've created a button, and scripted it's value to be 1. That value doesn't update in the Live Variable view or GUI, but the Console will print out the proper value. 🤷
    Can anyone spot something stupid I'm doing?

  • You have saveInPreset set to true, so after on init has completed the button will revert to the value it had previously - the default value in this case since there is no user preset being loaded. This happens so fast that it appears as if the button's value is never changed.

  • @d-healey Ok.. .that works, but I'm running into some other strange issues that I don't think I've encountered before. Lemme gather some info real quick

  • @d-healey finally figured it out.. I was trying to assign parameters in the Property Editor, as well as scripting at the same time to a component. oops!

  • Sorry to be a bit of a kill-joy here, but can we all stop reporting errors and asking for changes to scriptnode until Christoph says its released, as I suspect its taking time away from fixes to existing problems in the existing released HISE.

  • @Lindon I don't know, shouldn't we spot the bugs before its released? Although perhaps we should wait for it to be merged into the develop branch.

  • @d-healey yeah we should wait for a merge to the development branch - this is all alpha stuff here I think.

  • No actually this is the develop branch (it‘s just poor branch policy) so if you find something let me know and I‘ll take care of it at the next round of bug fixing.

    The plan is to release HISE 3.0 in about two months so everything that needs to be polished should be done by then.

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