Text inconsistencies in Preset Browser

  • So in the preset browser you can click on the "More" button.

    In a VST preset the text looks like this:

    Import all presets from Collection

    but in an AU plug-in it looks like this:

    Import presets in <Product Name> presets from Collection

    Which is annoying for the manual writing process... can we have the VST version throughout please?

  • Actually it's more complicated: you can import presets from a collection into a single category, which is the case if you have already selected a category (and you've probably clicked somewhere in the AU version).

    However, this is bullshit and I'll remove this.

  • OK, just took a look at the code and how it works, and it's actually not so stupid (sorry to myself for being so harsh):

    • if a category is selected, you can export just this category as .hpa file, otherwise all presets are exported.
    • if a category is selected, you can choose to import all files from the .hpa (or the clipboard) into this specific category (and then the menu says "Import all presets from X to CategoryName).

    The idea behind this is to make sharing of user presets more easy between end users, as they can just share an entire category as a preset pack. Also importing of those packs will not overwrite anything outside that category in this mode.

    So, this feature is here to stay, but do you need more explanation to make it clearer?

  • @Christoph-Hart nope thats all good - I will tell the beta testers who raised it.

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