CPU Usage - again :)

  • So this has been brought up a few times (several by me I'm sure) but I still don't get the HISE CPU usage in the performance meter. It doesn't match up with any other CPU measurement. HISE always shows a way higher CPU usage that anything else I try and this may put users off when they see a video of a HISE instrument being used - it would put me off if I was thinking of buying it.

    In this video for example I have at least 10 instances of my plugin running at once, each one shows CPU usage in the range of 20-30% - how is it possible to have 300% CPU usage?

    Reaper's performance meter shows a much more reasonable usage, which is what I would expect when using Kontakt for example (in fact I think it's a little better than Kontakt) and this matches what is displayed in the system's process monitor.

  • @d-healey yeah I'd also really really like this not to show this sort of number if its not correct - it will put customers off I think.

  • Yep it's a bit annoying
    Waiting for a fix, you can probably remove the CPU information in this file: FrontendPanelTypes.cpp around line 483...

    I did it for the RAM on a project

    @Christoph-Hart adding checkboxes in the property editor would be useful since every project don't need all 3 information

  • Basically it's just a label with a timer and you can get every information through scripting calls, so not sure I need to add more properties there.

    By using a custom label you can also divide the CPU usage by ten if you think it will yield more customers.

    Fact is that the CPU usage is reporting spikes in the processing (30% CPU doesn't mean that a third of the CPU is used and if you use 3 plugins it will max out the CPU. 30% means that if you have to fill 512 samples that will produce 10ms of audio at 44,1kHz, it might take up to 3 ms to calculate it (and even if you exceed the calculation time window of 10ms, smart audio drivers might prevent drop outs). The average might be significantly less, because modern OS do not have a hard time realtime guarantee (like for instance stuff that runs planes where a "drop-out" might lead to a plane crash), so thread scheduling and IRQ interrupts might cause jitter that you have to live with.

    The number matches pretty much the CPU usage that Ableton shows, BTW. REAPER is probably just using a long-term average.

  • Oh yeah, I remember you mentioned the peak usage thing to me before.

  • You're obviously right @Christoph-Hart, the problem is that users don't know what 's behind, so can think something's going wrong...

  • Yes, hence my "divide by ten" solution. Customer's happy and you know if you reach 10%, you might get dropouts 🙂

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