Envelope Display - HISE stand alone vs Compiled plug-ins

  • Cant find anything in the forum covering this.

    Ok so I have an instrument with a visual display(floating tile) attached to my envelope .

    In HISE (standalone) I get a very nice "dot" showing the progress thru the envelope....when I play a note.

    But this doesnt show up in any of my plug-ins. Which is a shame - tis a nice feature.

    Any way to get it to show up in the plug-ins?

  • @Lindon This has been raised already but I can't find it either...

  • Oops, this somehow was removed - just checked in HEXERACT. Will take a look what's wrong...

  • Ok so I just downloaded and compiled the script node branch - which I assume is the latest and this remains unfixed, any chance of looking at this?

  • I've taken a look at it and it's deactivated on purpose unless you set the ENABLE_ALL_PEAK_METERS flag in your project.

    I am a bit torn how to handle this. The idea behind this flag is that it deactivates any kind of visualisation info gathering in the audio thread so that it doesn't waste any CPU cycles. Which might look like nit-picking is becoming a real factor once you have hundreds of modules and every single one searches the signal it processes for a max value.

    Now this deactivation follows this guideline, however the CPU impact of getting the info where the ball should be drawn is rather neglible (and even more, if that is the only thing you need in your project, enabling ENABLE_ALL_PEAK_METERS might actually cause a performance increase because you don't need the rest).

    So I would go ahead and remove it here - also it's not really a PEAK_METER, so the naming is flawed anyway 🙂

  • @Christoph-Hart great!

    Now how do I set ENABLE_ALL_PEAK_METERS?

    Its not an obvious flag in the Project Settings

  • In the project settings there's a field for additional compiler flags:


    Just put in ENABLE_ALL_PEAK_METERS=1 to enable it (make sure you do this for every OS target.

    But I've removed the necessity to do so if you just want the AHDSR graph to work in a commit yesterday.

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