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  • OK here's a general question:

    (Some context): I'm sending plug-ins out to beta-testers so...

    Where do the sampler settings like buffer size, preload size etc

    and the sample settings - like pitch. volume. loop sample start etc.


    Are they in the Sample Map or in the plug-in? Basically I'm asking if (say) I alter the pitch of a sample or the preload size, do I need to re-build the sample map and remake the .hr file and resend these with my changed plugin?

    • Buffer and preload size are attributes of the sampler.
    • sample settings like volume or pitch are saved in the samplemap
    • you just need to reencode the hr1 file (and the HLAC monoliths) if you change the actual audio files (truncating it, normalising it in an external audio editor, change the samplerate etc).


    • changing preload size => reexport plugin with new attribute value
    • changing a sampler property => save the samplemap, reexport the pools, recompile the plugin
    • change a audio file => reencode HLAC, resave samplemap, reencode HR1, recompile plugin

  • @Christoph-Hart perfect thanks...

    oh hang on..

    What does this mean? "reexport the pools"

  • That you might need to run Export -> Export pooled Files to Binary resources before compiling.

    There's a setting in HISE called Rebuild Pool Files, which if activated adds this step before the compilation, but if you have deactivated it to speed up the export time, you might need to do it manually.

  • @Christoph-Hart OK thanks - I pretty much keep this ON anyway...

  • Life is too short to rebuild the pool files if you're a pro 🙂

  • @Christoph-Hart well that counts me out then ☺

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