Licence cost ?

  • <quote>Lindon, so are you saying HISE should be extremely high priced so that the standalone VST market does not saturate like the Kontakt library market has ? <unquote>

    • I'm not sure how you get this from what i'm saying, can you point at the part where I say a high price is a good thing?

    There are a few problems i have with any of your reasoning.
    1 If the Kontakt library market is saturated, there is a reason, because they sell, people do not do things just for fun to saturate a market.

    • Again you seem to be mistaken, its not reasoning, its experience. So is the Kontakt market more saturated than the general VSTi market? Yes it is., and to be clear this is what I mean expressed as a non interpret able formula:

    (Number of Full Kontakt Owners/number of Full Kontakt instruments) < (Number of Customers who can run a VSTi/ number of VSTi products).

    So to plug-in some example numbers:

    50,000 Full Kontakt owners / 2,000 kontakt libraries = 25

    2 Million customers who can run a VSTi (DAW owners in other words) / 20,000 VSTi products = 100

    • You can argue about the numbers if you want, but EXPERIENCE shows me the ratios are about right.

    Oh and yes people do development just for fun, all the time.

    I repeat I've spent 10+ years doing this. If you release a product as a "Full Kontakt" product you will sell less than if you release the exact same functionality as a VSTi, again this isnt reasoned out its 10 years of doing exactly this. You sell about 25% of a VSTi option when you release a Full Kontakt Library,

    2 Keeping HISE licence cost high while maybe satisfying your need to have an unsaturated standalone market, also stops the HISE developer getting a ton of licencees, which is a cruel circle that will come back to bit those who wanted a high cost entry, either the licence cost will get so high it competes with NI, or the developer cant afford to keep developing, this is false economy.
    Where did I say this was my need? Please stop mis-quoting me.

    3 Are you really suggesting that the Kontakt library market is more saturated than the VSTi market in general, because if you are, then you are severely mistaken.
    Please see the answer above, yes this is exactly the case, based upon my experience of it. Please can outline your experience of shipping Fuill Kontakt instruments vs shipping VSTi instruments and how it differs from mine?

  • Meanwhile back at the questions...

    These look good Chris, add in something about add-on sample packs if you want but until you have a viable solution I'd caveat any question about them.

  • My experience has absolutely nothing to do with you at all, you think this is a pissing contest ?
    Your experience is your experience, and while your experience may be what you posed, it could be caused by various things, maybe the standalone VSTs that you have released where better than the Kontakt soundbanks ? Because if you are releasing a kontakt soundbank at the exact same time as a standalone and comparing sales, sorry, but that is flawed.
    Oh and thanks for telling the developer to caveat serious questions, very strange behaviour ?

  • administrators

    Ok everybody calm down. It seems that you two have made different experiences regarding sales and arguing about the reasons why is pretty random.

    I still add the question about addons - its not rocket science to implement this and I am sure I'll find a way but I am interested in how many people want this feature.

    Edit: sorry Lindon just reread your post and it seems like this is exactly the thing you said 🙂

  • Don't worry about it if nobody else wants it

  • Any news at all on licence cost yet ?

  • administrators

    Not yet, still thinking about it 🙂

  • OK cheers for the update 😉

  • Just found this project due to Computer Music magazine. I am very glad to see this particular conversation happening as I agree with much that is being discussed here. So any news on licence cost or are we still thinking about how to do this? The outcome of this topic will make or break my willingness to develop with this platform.

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    I am pretty much settled on the licensing scheme and different distribution channels of instruments that are built with HISE which I think will be covering both low budget projects as well as big flagship products in a more user friendly way.

    I won't spoiler too much publicly until it's really thought through and lawyer approved, but if you're really interested PM me and I'll talk something more about it.

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