Hise Player?

  • I'm confused about Hise Player.
    It says on the main site that player exists and can load instrument libraries. I can export these libraries from Hise itself.
    But I can't find any player, there's only Hise creator and no anything to load these player libraries.

    Am I missing something?

  • Well, that's embarrassing. The HISE Player never made it beyond prototyping stage (mostly because of lack of resonance, most people want their own plugins). I have some ideas for it, but it's definitely not ready for prime-time...

    For now the only way is to compile plugins from your HISE project.

  • I see. I hope Player will be ready some day, it can be a real alternative to Kontakt.
    That looks like a lot of work, if you are the only developer of Hise (why don't more people contribute to the project?)

    Meanwhile, is it possible to make a sample player using Hise, like Sforzando?

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