Load/Save Table(envelope) shapes

  • There are lots of places that HISE lets me draw "wacky" shapes into tables (I'm thinking about the Polyshape FX for a start). Now Im not asking that we preset this drawing ability in a plug-in but it would be nice if I could draw some shape in HISE stand-alone, press some "export" button and have my shape saved, and then have an API call that would allow me to load a (named) shape into a table. So in my example if I had a PolyShape FX :

    const var PolyshapeFX1 = Synth.getEffect("Polyshape FX1");
    PolyshapeFX1.loadTableShape("mySavedShape01", index)

    where index here would be 0 = Curve and 1 = Asymetrical Curve

    • Where there is only one place to load a curve , like say an LFO modulator set to Custom then this index would be = 0

  • There's already a reference type that allows editing of Tables:

    const var v = Synth.getTableProcessor("Velocity");

    If you edit a table in HISE (so that it has a green outline), you can copy & paste the tables using either the Edit menu or Ctrl+C/V. It uses a intermediate Base64 endcoded String in the system clipboard like:


    so the only missing link is a API method


    then you can store the strings from your clipboard in your script or as JSON.

  • @Christoph-Hart great! nearly there then!

  • ..problem is I cant address the asymmetrical curve table in a polyshape FX...