Load/Save Table(envelope) shapes

  • There are lots of places that HISE lets me draw "wacky" shapes into tables (I'm thinking about the Polyshape FX for a start). Now Im not asking that we preset this drawing ability in a plug-in but it would be nice if I could draw some shape in HISE stand-alone, press some "export" button and have my shape saved, and then have an API call that would allow me to load a (named) shape into a table. So in my example if I had a PolyShape FX :

    const var PolyshapeFX1 = Synth.getEffect("Polyshape FX1");
    PolyshapeFX1.loadTableShape("mySavedShape01", index)

    where index here would be 0 = Curve and 1 = Asymetrical Curve

    • Where there is only one place to load a curve , like say an LFO modulator set to Custom then this index would be = 0

  • There's already a reference type that allows editing of Tables:

    const var v = Synth.getTableProcessor("Velocity");

    If you edit a table in HISE (so that it has a green outline), you can copy & paste the tables using either the Edit menu or Ctrl+C/V. It uses a intermediate Base64 endcoded String in the system clipboard like:


    so the only missing link is a API method


    then you can store the strings from your clipboard in your script or as JSON.

  • @Christoph-Hart great! nearly there then!

  • ..problem is I cant address the asymmetrical curve table in a polyshape FX...

  • Bump for loadFromBase64() I just reached a situation where this would be very helpful.

  • Found this and was looking for a way to add copy paste buttons to modulators. Is this available yet?

  • Can we get an example snippet , To study how we can store tables and call them up with a button?

  • This post is deleted!

  • @Natan-Rezaei There's no simple way to do it. You have to edit the table points manually via scripting.

    HiseSnippet 1206.3oc4X80aaaCDmJNpn1cNXcnaXOJDrGbPyLrcSx5PwPchyefwhSLhRaGvdnfQhNlHRjZTTdyMHeW1Gk87dZeT52fsiTRVxoZN1oIaCXBFI9Ndm3O96Nd2kzWvcHggbAxn7oiCHHiOwzdLSNryPLkg5tKxXEyd3PIQXEqZmwA3vPhKxvnzAJEFkWFoed+K2A6gYNjLUHzq4TGxgTepLSa+1eO0yaerK4TpeNq2ncWGNqC2iGA3ojYCT.14B74jivJyVxDY7f8boRtvVhkjPjwx6vcGaOj+yrX6eMMjdlGQIzDYCunX06y8bUHV8cTmgTO29om6PDxvreFKTJlEdhYOpKch9L13S0KXk4Qd9vXoYAul2R3YjCdKGCuGaZ6HnAxrUTX6QlcYPfZ.FBA4gUrsnk98Rlc3fELYce7Ej8EfvDOpsUiFqasYiFq8hpUpVABDgRqQXg0qIdbGpbbOtajGFNcMs9NKcNR8yIxSwvAZBLpsZp0VYluZ7ajx7nLh0fHlijxYVb1NQRIm0TgIA2qlC2Ofy.zsNrudQj0pV4xpUJSGXUKU1BdtL9WpmODZ0EjPhrl9PLCqBSANmx.qW2J6S8MWTeal9oQ8meC9hccu19VeS0OZs1KztcU0JWoIqz3DvvcRokZqlPXqtlBDIzVGrm2Yv0jZWmOiY8+ddu0+c38leD7dZLa94uVyl+Zki+xQZGwkjiY0VqxkUJW4pJVWeoACJbsjWlGQT3xpBfhY4XMVj+YDQZnI0PnRvzkZdv7UpwIlWxYHm0kQkGGPRjyJF0rfhQnDhE91q5tKVhU0mRzA1EPDRpBNF6RFAE9iqVU1bWR3ERd.TCeRz.frTu5JI0xhYeD0U4PRpL5Wlzc32baOdhP6ers.6R4GH3QAwXMDOhzk0WmGpJ5gVncpUtc5WyuSVjadm9v5yPWhzD27sNT8KSV.BxSUiVUGlEBY746mt.8SZTX+jBCgyIberYepzYXw3coBvKjJbei2jtyUM2av.hiLCrKat+ObaaEe6fxJwP4Ql1P0Uc6PMP9Bsr0afbDqCHLhPW7ZFSM8Gy6TSAy8TSG6Hgs+TAlEFvCm5EaS7omB2JByq7Ugvr.je5DUTNu9Nbrnvkd+K2GNjE5iMVFIzoKa6yiXxoROJcqFOZ5aM4rufYkV9egQ4t6u58wWonz7Qs2vzlkSwnM0OvirGaDzVFznv3mAE0Gfi7joZmNIuGmwCFxYTm7Y.mPjB54mSD4wdgGnskRnobllmz9DhGAmOa9qZeHjEhE.OQt+4hYEu9RyX3ZotYZcOUg+V9WL7vXbWwLcjJMh+byBFT+lgKToPOC1zguQPWekSYw4cINzyHdSGYfxZI6o9cnmdvXSymsU8oeFcr5mO8cGN9vM5jJO3oJkeq83CG+tiQ2Yg36jlgk9+YyvS3QRJ67dX3NML8j4QQ91POHGBfDFi3AajowRp9HwxMTxwMgXtZg+DdRVroR1HYwloK9Oxd3icD725DOus55yC0ZfyMS++cnrYOkrUSjdF7XtwGZc7VGGEY+0.6TrGsVXOd1B6wFKrGatvdr0B6w2rvd77Y3gpO81QRte7UOPQ+8hKeXrGSUKQmki9KPSPOw+

    I have a load of predefined table shapes here.

  • @d-healey Thank You Sir David , You're The Boos ❤
    And A Big Thanks For Shapes , much Appreciated 🙂

  • @d-healey Wow ,Thanks dear David , Youre Rock 🙂
    Those shapes are amazing ❤

    Wondering , How it's possible to store some of the shapes into a combo box Or view port?
    Thanks in advance

  • @Natan-Rezaei Just like in my button example, except you'll use a switch or if statement to select the shape function.

  • @d-healey Thanks Dear David , The Problem is I've zero exprience with adding items to combo box.

    I Know how to add text , In left hand side , but cant figure out How to give the text Commands 😞

  • @Natan-Rezaei You need to use the on control callback (or a custom callback) and get the value of the combo box (it will be a number, the first item will have a value of 1). Then you can use the combo box value in a switch or if statement to select the shape function you want.

  • While we are here ....

    any progress on loadFromBAse64?

    I especially need this for the polyShape FX

  • @Christoph-Hart Thank you dear Christoph
    But as a newbie , How we can use the New Feature?

  • @Christoph-Hart wow you're on a streak...

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