CC 129 - aftertouch seems to be behaving oddly

  • Maybe its my keyboard , but it seems to work fine in Kontakt - so maybe not. But I cant get aftertouch to work properly in HISE - it seems to be "jumping" to one value when I'm expecting it to (reasonably) smoothly move between the values as I "aftertouch" my keyboard, and it seems to be restricted to a very small range of (low) values. Anyone else getting this?

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    MIDI CC 129 seems to do nothing at all.

    Yep just checked CC 129 is working as expected in Kontakt.

    so in Kontakt:

    on controller 
        message("CC Number:" & $CC_NUM  & " value:" & %CC[$CC_NUM] )
    end on

    gives me a stream of CC_129 messages with changing values....

  • Yes I‘ll check that. 129 is pitchwheel though - As a matter of fact this isn‘t official MIDI, I just stole this from KONTAKT to make the transititon smoother - and apparently that didn‘t went well 😉

  • @Christoph-Hart well.. pressing hard(er) on my keyboard produces a stream of midi values (assigned to CC129 ) when using Kontakt - I dont really mind what we decide to use, I'd just like it to work...right now aftertouch doesnt seem to work at all in HISE.

  • Further investigation reveals: HISE is getting and knows its getting CC129 -

    function onController()
    Console.print("on Controller:" + Message.getControllerNumber() );	

    BUT BUT BUT...

    the time variant midi controller isnt handling it - I've set the CC Number = 129 but nothing is happening in the modulator...

    ..and this:

    function onController()
    Console.print("on Controller:" + Message.getControllerNumber() + " " + Message.getControllerValue() );	

    I would expect to see a constantly changing set of values showing up, but its not. Its a singel (arbitary - based on the first press) value.

  • any action on this?

  • Sure I‘ll take a look. Unfortunately handling aftertouch is not as trivial as it seems - there is monophonic and polyphonic aftertouch, the latter one is reused as MPE pressure gesture and there has to be a sensible solution for every use case. Also my main keyboard doesn‘t send out aftertouch which isn‘t exactly helpful when working on the aftertouch implementation.

  • @Christoph-Hart yeah not having ANY aftertouch on you input might be a bit limiting ☺

    Just to be clear its monophonic aftertouch I'm talking about here. Sure a poly/MPE solution is nice, but I suggest a walk before run type approach...

  • Bump bump
    Did someone find a solution for this aftertouch?
    I'm running in the same issue (CC129 and erratic values)
    MPE is not a viable solution in my case...

  • @ustk said in CC 128 - aftertouch seems to be behaving oddly:

    Bump bump
    Did someone found a solution for this aftertouch?
    I'm running in the same issue (CC129 and erratic values)
    MPE is not a viable solution in my case...

    bump again -this seems to be still unresolved....

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