Multi-mic merge unequal length issue

  • I've just been trying to merge some multi mic samples but I was getting an Unequal length at sample N message. So I checked the length of the samples it flagged and re-trimmed them just in case and tried again, got the same error. So then I removed those sampler entirely and tried again, got the same error but pointing to a different sample, and so on.

    Anyway I solved the problem, instead of dragging in all my samples and mapping with velocity spread, I dragged in and mapped one velocity layer at a time, then I merged the mics without issue. So I figure something was getting messed up with the auto mapping.

  • Interesting... I got this error too. On my end, it ended up that some samples I exported from Cubase were shorter by 1 sample! I think it's an error with their crossfade math, but haven't looked closer yet.

  • I just came across this issue again with a different sample set. Again the solution was to drag in each velocity layer one at a time instead of using velocity spread. So I'm pretty sure this is a velocity spread bug.

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