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  • There you go 🙂

  • @christoph-hart

    yessssssssssssss !
    but beware it will be a stupid question (with all misunderstanding :D)

    I read the post on how to click a button and land on a web page.
    And the opposite ?

    i would like to know if there a way to link - for example - a module with a file on the web (?)

    to be clear an example:
    i create a convolution reverb and decide to activate it by a file on the web, instead of an on/off - bypass button on GUI. maybe because i want to use my IR and not another (hey ! i know it's stupid but it's just an example ! 😉 )
    for example:
    a script like:
    if (file is on the net - an IR .wav for the conv example)
    reverb module - Enabled (value)
    (file is not on the web)
    reverb module - Enabled (!value)

    if i'm not enought concise or clear let me know 😉

    I think for example also a way for the plugin to connect to a site to find out if there is a new version available

  • Nah, that would require some kind of scripting API that actually talks to the web instead of just opening a default browser and the implications of this would be so huge that I would have to turn HISE into some kind of node.js Frankenstein thingie.

    There are JUCE classes that can achieve that (and the copy protection system also calls out to the license servers the first time it's used), but this is a prime example of "use the C++ API or hire a C++ coder if you want that feature" - which turns out to be my default answer these days 🙂

  • That's what I thought.

    moreover, it would require the plugin to connect to the internet each time. Which could be embarrassing if the user uses the plugin without connection. 😉

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