How to add icon to Win Standalone .exe?

  • Anyone knows how to do that on Win? On Mac is a simple copy-paste thing on App info windows

  • @hisefilo on Mac if you copy the icon on your image folder inside hise project when you compile the standalone it will add it automatically, so no need to paste it into the app, the compiler do his thing, maybe on Windows might be the same. Just remember to name it "icon.png".

  • hello !
    create a squared image (500 or 1000 px large for working for example) .
    create your image/design.
    resize it to a squared 32x32, 64x64, 128x128 or 256x256 and save it to "Icon.png".
    put it in your project image folder.

    when compiling it will create the icon graphic with it.

    Christoph gave this info on 1 of my old thread somewhere in the forum.

  • @jay cool. Will try both mac and pc

  • @staiff thanks!! I guess mac allows 512x512 but need to check it
    Does compiler resize as needed?

  • Yes, just throw in a square PNG called Icon.png (min. 128x128, better more) into the Images folder and the rest will be taken care of.

  • maybe wrong and mistake answer but all softs accepts 512x512 px max. Better is 128x128 or 256x256 px to keep something beetween good quality and no more size for image.

    don't forget that compile plugin/standalone with png icon will increase the size and decrease the loading time.
    128x128 (as said Christoph) is a good solution.

    but don't hesitate to work before with x10% (ex = for 128x128 work with 1280x1280 for better working and results). Just after that resize.
    because working directly on 128x128 will be a little harder and just creta a couples of pixels ... 😉

  • @staiff thanks!!! Will try win as soon as I can. Mac worked out

  • Good to know!

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