Can't change Slider style

  • Hi all,

    Not sure whether this is a fault on my behalf or a bug, but I can't seem to change the style of a slider to anything but a knob. Changes for a split second then reverts. Any ideas as to why it's doing that? Is there a way I can change it in the JSON window? Can't see an option for it in there...

  • @jon83 Press F5 or click the compile button once you've made the change.

  • vector (like the default knob) or graphic (png) ?

    Vector: change the style in "component specific properties" (vertical or horizontal for sliders)

    Graphic: just load the png file and don't forget to set the numstrips just underthe filmstrip image area in the same "component properties"

  • It's not even letting me change it. Soon as I click say vertical, it just snaps back to knob.

  • just tested few seconds ago. created knew knob, set the style to vertical, resized the rectangle to vertical rectangle, and hit the compile button. worked fine ...

  • Either vector or filmstrip. Knobs are working fine, but I'm trying to set up a vertical peak meter, and parameterid is just snapping back to knob immediately.

  • How do I make those video attachments I see on here? I'll post it...

  • knobs/sliders are not made for showing led volume but to control functions.
    for LED (vu meter), see:

    you can see the vector vu meter and the script for use it inside the demo project.

    Maybe the cause.

  • Which version? Master, develop? I remember fixing something like this a few months ago.

  • I built it from source a couple weeks ago, so think I'm on the current one? Tried adding in "style": "Vertical", to JSON, but after F5, graphics jump and it resets the slider to a knob again.

    Thanks Staiff! Still figuring it out, so appreciate that. Saved me a couple hours of banging my head on the desk. πŸ‘

  • Tell a lie! I spelt vertical without a capital V. With the V in JSON it’s working.

  • @staiff I'd looked at this today, was really helpful. But I'm trying to make the vu meters with film strips, for left and right on separate containers. Little confused on how to implement it to be honest. I'd gotten as far as the code below before I posted about the knob problem. Haven't got round to thinking about changing the container ones to left and right, just trying to figure it out as I go along. Still very much wrapping my head around both JavaScript and Hise!

    const var container1 = Synth.getChildSynth("container 1");
    const var t = Engine.createTimerObject();

  • Any chance someone could help me a little with the a vu meter? I've stripped the code back to below. A panel pops up after compiling, but it's not showing any level or change. In the JSON window it's linked to the right container, but nothings happening. Could anyone give us just a clue as to what I'm missing?

    const var t = Engine.createTimerObject();

  • honestly didn't use vu meter in HISE. But i think i will start with the demo (dynamic) project i gave you before from Christoph and replace the part using vector rendering by filmstrip.
    i remember using it on another platform (rackafx) but that using other style of scripting.

    i will try to find again a thread where i asked to Christoph to control the pitchwheel and modwheel. Christoph gave the script with vector image, and i replaced it by filmstrip.

    found it:

    and the script with filmstrip (i just added this and delete the vector drawing parts):

    // le pitchwheel Modwheel:

    const var ModWheel = Content.addKnob("ModWheel", 147, 553);
    // [JSON ModWheel]
    Content.setPropertiesFromJSON("ModWheel", {
    "width": 27,
    "height": 112,
    "filmstripImage": "{PROJECT_FOLDER}ModWheel_128.png",
    "numStrips": "128"
    // [/JSON ModWheel]
    const var PitchWheel = Content.addKnob("PitchWheel", 95, 553);
    // [JSON PitchWheel]
    Content.setPropertiesFromJSON("PitchWheel", {
    "width": 28,
    "height": 108,
    "filmstripImage": "{PROJECT_FOLDER}ModWheel_128.png",
    "numStrips": "128"
    // [/JSON PitchWheel]

    So, pretty sure you can do this with the vumeter in the dynamic example.

    for the separate stereo, not sure how doing this. but when you want to know the God's secret, don't ask to his Saints, ask directly to God ! πŸ˜„

    Christooooooooooooooph ? πŸ˜„

  • @staiff said in Can't change Slider style:

    for the separate stereo, not sure how doing this. but when you want to know the God's secret, don't ask to his Saints, ask directly to God ! πŸ˜„

    Christooooooooooooooph ? πŸ˜„

    Ha, thanks for the help! I'm trying to understand Javascript better, I can tell a browser to say hello in so many different ways now, but figuring out how to use it in Hise is proving tricky. Thanks for the reply, I'll have a look through the example now.

  • @staiff can you share the mod & pitch wheels png?

    Thanks in advance

  • @staiff I try it and it didn't work for me

  • Wheels example:

    i used a simple basic Wheel .png sequence made in knobman. You will have to replace it by a better looking png sequence.

    The white panel is not useful for the wheels, just added to create a light grey background.


  • @staiff thanks bud

  • Starting to understand this I think (I hope). One thing I'm not clear on though if anyone could explain, I've put the code I'm using below, it's from the example you gave @staiff. I get the level, all is good, but I don't understand the line:
    Any chance someone could explain that to me? Why if I change LimiterReduction does it not work? Why is it linked to the limiters reduction, or attack or compressor reduction etc.? The meter is responding to the current level or peak, so don't understand why it's working if I use say .CompressorAttack? Or is there a line I can replace it with?
    Sorry for the idiot questions! Getting there slowly...

    I've put the code below with comments on everything incase anyone else is trying to understand how to move through it. Swapping for a filmstrip is relatively straight forward I think from here.

    const var vumeter = Synth.getEffect("Dynamics1");
    //name of constant variable we want 'vumeter' = point it to the module (effect in this case) labelled Dynamics1									
    const var level = Content.getComponent("level1"); 
    //name of constant variable we to see 'level' = point it to the widget (slider) labelled level1
    const var t = Engine.createTimerObject();
    //create a constant variable labelled 't' = a timer object
    // triggers the timer below
    	var v = vumeter.getCurrentLevel("VU METER");
    v = Engine.getDecibelsForGainFactor(v);
    // variable 'level' is set to the value of variable 'v'
    //triggered by the setTimerCallback function

    edit: ok, that's just me being an idiot 😬 , changed it to just a label ("VU METER") and it's working. Have changed the script above! Hopefully someone finds it helpful...

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