VST vs. AU performance

  • @lindon 🙂 thanks! UI almost finished also

    alt text

  • Who's Markus?

  • @christoph-hart heheheeh don't know! just inspired in Mark I, Mark II and Mark V Rhodes model names. Not defined yet, suggestions will be welcomed!

  • lol !
    was a time I wanted to create a synth with six saw waveforms and calling it (in French) Saw Six (or saw 6) = that's signify: sausage (saucisse in french - pronounce it Saw sys).

    Again a small synth with six waveforms + 1 sub osc (7 in total) called = Exocet, like the missile (because in French: Exo-7 - (Sept - pronounced Exo "set" in Moliere's language).

    So i love the idea to call it Markus 😄

    But as i'm totally silly : Markus reminds me of the names of the ancient Roman emperors.

    I will have added laurels of gold (like the crown of Caesar) on the sides of Markus title.

    and a little gilding on the GUI part of the bottom (the settings).

    I told you already: I'm crazy!

    love the keyboard on the top. 3D rendering ?

  • Jeah!
    Volker flashback 😁

  • @staiff LOL naming is fun, but is hard to fall in love with one of the choices.
    Front panel is vector, piano pict is just googled by the moment. Will do a 3D i guess

  • @staiff also I m trying to figure out what's the best business model. If a free 44 keys version and upsale to many other models or just release it as is, no free version

  • @hisefilo :

    apparently there are several sections of harmonics?

    Why not remove a little (hide those that bring the most beautiful "shine") and also, yes, 44 notes. and a full version with all the overtones and more notes for the non-free version.

    Or do like Alexaudio: add a timer that disables a function on the demo - free.

    remember i will also further create a big synth. and will call it : Synthe Million. reference to "Saint Emilion" - French Wine:


    Staiff = definitively nuts !

  • @staiff LOL you should work on an ad agency 🙂 nice name. We also have good wines here in Argentina

    I know people hates demos. I want anyone to hear the real full sound, so killing harmonics is not an option, but a limited range will be.

    I like NI ilectric way... They released a free model, and you can buy a bundle with 8 more pianos

  • Tested !

    opened in all my daws without problems !
    performance ?: 25/26 % max when playing like a fool on it. beetween 15 and 20% when playing full Chord.

    sounds really good. but:

    easy to saturate with high velocity (it maybe wanted, it's part of the sound style ?). Sound is a little bit "brighter" than other mark II or stage 73 vst i have.

    Maybe put an LPF filter (of course Marl II hasn't) and calling it "Brightness" to control and have some darker/buttery soft sound ?

    And maybe just lowering each partials master volume.

    But as a freeware it's absolutly playable and nice sound ! (just waveforms, no sample. Absolute fabulous !)

    Ah ... if you want to do freeware vs commercial. This as a freeware is good. Just add keyboard and preset system (without presets, but just so the user can record his own settings) for the commercial version (and maybe the filter in it, not in the freeware)

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