@christoph-hart said in New to HISE - some issues: I am also not 100% sure what you did here ;), but the loop points can also be imported afterwards by selecting all samples and running the command in the context menu (I think it‘s called Import loop points from metadata). Don't mind me - I'm just demonstrating my lack of experience with samplers. Found it - it's called "Automap from metadata" and it works fine. TBH I dislike this format as it weirdly mix instrument properties (like Filter Envelope Attack) with mapping data and is terrible to parse because it doesn‘t use quotes to delimit strings so a filename with spaces in it gets treated as two tokens. I don‘t know who decided this but they were surely having too much red wine that day... I agree - the SFZ format is a dog's breakfast but it's not the worst I've had to work with over the years.