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  • Hello everyone,

    I wanted to share with you a project I've been working on for some time. It's not yet 100% ready but it's in good shape.

    It's a piano that I recorded and then map with Hise. It has 9 layers, has a reverb "house" (which is part of another project that I'll talk about later, but basically it's impulse reverb I recorded).

    You can watch the video. You can hear the quality of the piano.

    If you want to discuss it, do not hesitate! Comments only advance the project. I really want it to be quality!

    Video on Youtube

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    Hi Alex,

    nice work! Are you using multiple mic positions - I can't find it on the UI. If you have them, definitely add a mixer page where people can adjust the mic volume as its a pretty standard feature for piano virtual instruments.

    Also if I may give you my opinion on the GUI:

    1. Change the font and be consistent with it (aka use the same font for the HISE components like the preset browser or the settings window). With simple interfaces like these, typography gets very important and this font looks like coming out of a time capsule from the 90ies. Also it is very hard to read.
      Take a look at the Google fonts, they can be embedded without license fees and look somehow decent if used in the right combination.
      But apart from this, the interface layout works quite good.

    2. Don't use full black (0xFF000000), it always looks weird especially when used in conjunction with filmstrip knobs (if it's a pure synthetic vector interface like Audulus you can get away with it though). Also if it's not full black, then your knobs can get some subtle shadows. Take a look at how for example Spitfire Audio have a "black" background in Hans Zimmer Strings without it being actual black.

    3. Customize the HISE components. I'd suggest using either the vector graphic version of the inbuilt keyboard or create custom filmstrips, the stock keyboard looks way too ugly for being used in a product.
      Also I've made a few additions to the user preset browser lately - you can now define the number of columns and make it read-only, which I recommend in your case.

    Also, have you recorded other noise samples (eg. sustain pedal noise or hammer noises)? I noticed the release trigger sample switch, but if you can add more noise types, it makes the sound more realistic.

  • @christoph-hart said in My Project : GoldPiano:

    you can now define the number of columns and make it read-only
    What needs to be change for this to happen?

  • Nice work, but maybe use a more complex piano piece for your demo that has some nice dynamics, ex. some Bach classic like prelude or Chopin - Nocturne.

  • Thank you all for your comments. It's really appreciate. The continuous work!

  • Very nice work. It's a very usefull instrument.

    You can use vector graphics like Christopher said. Also I can suggest you, using very nice stock 3D GUI elements in order to make it look much more elegant.

    Here is an example, they are cheap, just take and use it.

    Also these guys make really high grade professional and special GUI designs;

    Cheers 😉

  • Hi,
    In fact, it's a strange coincidence since my next plugin embeds the GUI of Voguer Design! I'll put a picture soon!

    For those who want to hear the sound in more detail, here is a demo on soundcloud:

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