How to Enable the Piano/Keyboard below on exported VSTi?

  • Hello HISE people!

    How to Enable the Piano/Keyboard below on the UI of the exported VSTi?

    (If I remember correctly, it was somehow automatically visible in the past, but I came back to try HISE again, and my exported VSTi works (audio- and MIDI-wise), but it is just a black screen without keyboard or preset manager or anything).

    Thank you for help!

  • The hardwired components were removed almost a year ago in favor for a more flexible placeholder called FloatingTile.

    This is the doc:

    The layout is broken somehow (it‘s autogenerated from the source code and something messed up along the way), but it should get you started.

    Note that the JSON properties can now be set using the interface designer directly sonyou don‘t need to look up the available properties anymore.

  • @christoph-hart
    Thank you for your help!
    Also thank you for the link,
    I don't know why but I was trying to find a solution for the "missing keyboard" on the Scripting API help-website. I think I'm not good at this 😄
    so thanks for your help again!

    I will put a keyboard to my next test-HISE-sample-library which is going to be and electric guitar palm muted pluck library with round robins,
    I will upload some links to this forum when it's ready to use or test, it's going to be free here, but I want to make it good!

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