oscillator sync script ?

  • Hello !
    as the osc sync function is not implemented in HISE, is there a way to create it by script ?

    sure not useful for the sampler module, but for a synth with waveform generator, it's a must have ๐Ÿ˜‰


  • You mean hardsync as in lower the pitch of a waveform cycle and truncate it? No, there's no way that can be done via scripting, we're talking about polyphonic audio signal processing here which is the most critical part of DSP processing.

    It might be something for hnode though whenever it sees the light of day.

  • yes hardsync (or sometimes softsync) = master osc - slave osc, etc. ...

    as i understood hardsync is resetting the slave osc period (or frequency) by the master one.

  • +1 ! A sync option on the oscillator would be more then welcome. Also built in Legato and Portamento would be nice.

  • @Bastian:
    somewhere in the forum David Healey gave a script (based on Kontakt) for the portamento/Legato.

    if used with the "legatowithrettriger" module in midi you'll have a monophonic portamento ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Yes all MIDI logic is best handled by dedicated MidiProcessors, thereโ€˜s no benefit baking it into a sound generator.

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