Mixer solo/mute script.

  • How would you guys go about scripting a solo/mute matrix?
    I've been thinking of a few concepts, but they all feel a little primitive.
    Adding simple gain fx to the outputs of the main container and scripting them to -100 when muted? Would you just use the sampler bypass button?

  • It depends on your requirements for performance. If you use the SimpleGain module the sounds are still rendered. Bypassing it kills all voices but toggling it during playback might be a little bit clunky.

    Another option is using the MIDI Muter module which mutes incoming notes but doesn‘t kill any voices, at the end it comes down to how you want your instrument to behave...

  • Seeing as I'm already using simple gain for master faders of the main container outputs, it sounds like this might be the way to go

  • @dustbro checkout my scripting framework, it contains a mixer module with mute and solo using simple gain modules

  • @d-healey where is this?

  • NM found it

  • @d-healey Thanks man! I see the genericMicMixer module and the code appears the handle mute/solo. How do I load this up to see it in action?
    I also just stumbled upon an old Kontakt script I used years ago and though about maybe repurposing it.

  • @dustbro Add it as a separate script, you can right click the midi processor and connect it as an external script or just copy and paste it in, whatever suits you. Then just link up the controls on your main interface script to the module's controls. BTW the module is licensed as GPL so if you use it your project source code will need to be available under the same license.

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