Pooled Resources

  • I noticed this folder appearing when I went to export a VSTi. I had a strange issue yesterday where samples I removed from my project were being referenced by the exported plugin, it turned out I had to delete the pooled resources folder before exporting because it isn't refreshed by the export process and was holding on to the old data. So could you add a bit of magic to refresh this folder when exporting?

  • @d-healey I can confirm here as well. I was having an "out of heap space" error and tracked it down to my images being over 50MB. I slimmed down my graphics to a usable size, but was still getting the heap space error. It wasn't until I deleted the files in Pooled Resources that I was able to compile properly.

  • I have added a RebuildPoolFiles setting which makes sure that the cached files are cleaned before exporting. For bigger projects it does add some overhead to the compilation time so the pro-option is turning it off and knowing when to delete them manually 🙂

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