Linux file location

  • Where is the redirect file stored on Linux when I redirect the sample folder of an exported project?

  • I think it creates a hidden folder in the home directory which sounds terrible, but seems to be the preferred why of handling application properties in Linux.

  • @christoph-hart I can see a hidden HISE folder but I can't see one for my instrument. Developers seem to be moving away from the messy hidden folder in home directory method. I noticed Reaper now places their settings inside the hidden .config folder in the home directory. I think this would be a good way for HISE too, so it would be home/.config/hise. I'm still searching for where my instrument's settings are though, maybe they could go in a sub-folder inside the hise folder?

  • Hey I found the files 😄 they are in the .config folder inside another folder called MyCompany which is why I didn't see them, I must set the data properly in HISE before I export 😛

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